Has anyone with EDS tried KT tape and liked it? I used it for a bit, but I don’t think it helped. Maybe I’m applying it incorrectly.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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  • Rach_Liz


    I use it on my elbows to help stop hyper extensions and I really like it for that but some of my other joints hurt worse when I use it on them. I had a physical therapist teach me how to use it so I knew I was doing it right but Google works well too.

  • Emrys.the.warrior


    If your gonna use it I recommend being very careful taking it off so your skin doesn’t tear. I think coconut oil maybe is helpful to loosen it before removing.

  • Beetlele


    I sometimes use it for ankle stability, I usually just leave it on until it starts to fall off because taking it off is painful

  • Mj_and_Otis


    I’ve tried it for several joints, no luck

  • Vixenkiki


    I had better help with cobalt because the adhesive on the KT tape irritated my skin and even though the stability on my ankles, wrist, knees and elbows did help I couldn't tolerate the adhesive

  • Gret


    I used to use it on my knees and it helped keep them in place, not as well as a brace but better than nothing, but then I developed an allergy to the adhesive so I can't wear it any more :/

  • madd94


    It has been at times very helpful for me in terms of reducing pain and inflammation related to my joint damage/ instability. I can’t say that it helped at all with stability itself, but I did find that it provided pain relief in my lower back/ hips.

  • Duckie


    I like it to a certain extent but the adhesive rips skin really easily (speaking from experience 💀)taking it off in the shower or with oil helps though

  • Callum


    If you can spend the money, the body braid works WAYYYY better than KT tape! Since it is not adhesive, and aligns your body so that dislocations don’t happen

  • abbz


    i find it really helpful especially on muscles that hurt from overuse! but your have to be really careful about skin sensitivities!

  • Adria.B


    Be very careful with it. If it’s not applied correctly it can do more damage than good. I recommend looking up a guide specific for EDS online

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