What is your substance of choice? How does it make you feel?

Chronic Generalized pain

Nausea and Vomiting


Generalized pain

Substance Use Disorder (SUD)


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  • chibamonkey


    Anything and everything

  • chibamonkey


    Well was

  • chibamonkey


    I'm in recovery now almost 5 years

  • Caprim


    My substance of choice was anything I could get my hands on! Sober for 5 years

  • BenjaminDover


    Weed to feel something

  • ladylibertii


    Crack cocaine like time was preaching but I was chill no worries til it made others worry about me and I worried about them finding it so I had to worry about not being seen till I isolated then I worried I'd never stop cause it payed my worries but it wasn't worth the other worries

  • sarahducky


    I did meth for a few years going on 5 weeks sober i miss the energy boose and productivity but here lately all i been getting is negative side effects so i quite because my health has gone downhill it sucks being alone but im doing better everyday for real i done heroin a few times but didnt like it too much because of the nausea and nodding it was alright mehhh... and crack was a fast short lived high i only did twice coke was ok but i like speed and stimulates because im chronically tired my whole life right now im ok with taking my vyvanse like i should and just livinv life part of me misses it but its over when its over i guess

  • AimeeMc


    Mine was opiates, primarily oxys/opanas and started to turn into heroin. It made me feel invincible, I could do anything when I was on it. Then eventually I couldn't do anything without it. I don't miss it at all, sober 5+ years now.

  • emptytank


    It fluctuated between heroin and cocaine (all IV like a civilized junkie lol)

  • Nevaeh_3


    I'm 14 and i smoke weed takes lots of benadryl and i just do it to feel something

    • emptytank


      i was doing the same kinds of things when i was your age. I graduated to heroin and cocaine a few years later, big mistake. Ages 12-17 were the worst of my life, 17-29 when i was using hard drugs weren't great either, but being a teenager is fucking rough. My heart is with you ❤️

    • E_belli


      I'm sorry you're so young and already using. Dude, Benadryl was the worst thing I've ever done! Hopefully things get better for you!

  • suppah


    Weed and alcohol

  • BlueBlur


    Fentanyl. It makes me feel nothing - which is a massive relief compared to all the stress and pain I f eel normally. But now I'm not longer used to all that pain and I don't know if I can ever stop.

  • Or


    Anything that I could get my hands on because it made me far away from myself and my life. I thought it made me happy but that’s not happiness it’s was just ugly

  • 3mma


    Alcohol, meth and fentanyl we're the main ones. Abt 3-4 yrs clean off fent & a couple months from the others. It's still rough.

  • cosmocola


    alcohol. it makes me feel like myself. but nobody likes me like i am

  • E_belli


    Robotripping (Robitussin) was my favorite. It was amazing. But so incredibly unhealthy. Sober from it for 8 years. Miss it but it's for the best. I couldn't do it now even if I wanted to because that dose would probs give me serotonin syndrome with my other meds. Otherwise, anything I could get my hands on. Slowly becoming sober from substances one by one! Lots of fun times. But also lots of terrible times. It was time to move on.

  • ButterflySparkle


    38 - Heroin and Meth. Smoke both. Will occasionally put up my butt. I cant really describe what its like. I am still aware of everything going on. I dont miss anything. Im not folded over in half for most of my day or anything...Im just high. It feels good. Its calming. Thats really weird to say but it is.

  • Carriejowow


    I get the most from Gabapentin right now. Before that it was benzos like clanazapamn. It took me a year to get off those.

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