does anyone have any recommendations for how to exercise with ocd?? everytime i try to exercise my mind tends to wander to my themes and i end up anxious. does anyone else experience this and know a way of keeping the mind busy from wandering?

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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  • Gemini573


    Driving with the music loud enough so I don’t hear the intrusive thoughts. At home always busy. Tv is always on for background noise.

  • BeaBea


    I would also recommend some noise! Also perhaps a form of exercise that keeps the mind more engaged— I.e. kickboxing or weight lifting, something with reps that you’re counting. I think long stretches of cardio - like running - would make it harder to avoid the thoughts.

    • anna.owo


      completely agree! Simple exercises overwhelm me so I find it easier to make a silly dance routine or solo sports so I can stay engaged

  • Anhopeful


    Podcasts were life changing for when I do workouts like running for long periods of time, they keep my mind busy!!

  • JoshAG


    You could try out one of those brands of earplugs designed for tuning out noise like Loop

  • benjamin0000


    ty everyone for the suggestions!!

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