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Hey! I struggle with ulcerative colitis and severe weight gain from steroids. Any suggestions to boost metabolism and lose weight?

    • CrohnsyPoo


      Backing that... statistically the weight does come back off after stopping stopping steroids. I work in the fitness industry and it drives me nuts to know what's going to happen to me each time I have to take Prednisone. Limit salt intake to help with swelling, but not entirely as you need the electrolyte to help your body want to move. I recommend cooking without salt and then add a light sprinkle on top of foods so your taste buds can enjoy. I've heard mixed reviews on Epsom salt baths, but I find they help my joints move more comfortable and am able to do some basic movements like squats and isometric exercises like planks much more easily. Prednisone messes with hormones, and just note that with the same amount of caloric intake as you would not on Prednisone, it's going to cause your body to convert more calories to fat and take from supporting muscles growth. It just does. The best thing I find is to minimize the effects. Get lots of rest when you can and drink lots of water despite feeling bloated. Don't stock anything sweet in your home aside from low glycemic foods like blueberries...avoid complex carbs like potatoes and rice and cheeses.....and if you like to snack, I recommend keeping only food you have to cook. Cheese is filling but the high fat content is packed with high calories. Limit fats, but not entirely because you do need then to absorb essential vitamins. Start your morning with fruit so you think better from the natural sugars, and then focus on protein and veggies the rest of the day. A dietitian once told me, the best way to feel satisfied from a full meal, is to include flavors of sweet, salty, and fatty. For could do a side of blueberries and strawberries, avocado, and a light sprinkle of salt on top of some eggs.

    • blackcatluna


      Ugh this is the worst! I have been there and I hear you! Honestly, since being on steroids is temporary, it takes coming off the steroids and acclimating to normal hunger cues to lose some of the weight (at least this was my case). I’d recommend eating lots of foods that are high-volume, low-cal to make you full quicker (zucchini noodles, grapes, fish and lean meat, oatmeal, popcorn, etc.) take it easy on yourself. This is temporary. ❤️ sending love.

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