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Are there any premed/med students that have learned out to balance their studies with ADHD? I always feel like I’m behind and I really struggle to organize myself and use good study habits. Can anyone recommend some helpful strategies or programs?

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      I am a nursing student and I have ADHD! I am just about to be done with my first year in my program and it has been so hard for me. Sometimes the Pomodoro method works for me. Sometimes I can watch someone study on a YouTube video and that helps me study because I am doing it with them. Lately, my mom has been helping me a lot by texting me every hour or two to ask how I am doing and I tell her what I have been up to and that keeps me on track. It is also SO helpful to do assignments or study with other classmates because then you are actually doing it! That’s how it is for me. After class 2 times a week, there is a group of students in my class that gets together in the library and we do the assignments that are due that weekend. So if you can find a way to let other people keep you accountable, that could help because that is what helps me the most!!! I also highly recommend utilizing disability services if you aren’t already and if your college has that! I use it so that I can take tests in a private room and with 1.5x time. Good luck!

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