I've been struggling with depression and haven't been able to build up the strength to find someone to help me. What have you all done to help ease your depression before going to a doctor for medication?


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  • RealHuman


    I didn't do anything before I saw a doctor, you could try seeing a therapist if you don't want to take medications but it's better to find one covered under your insurance

  • loveshespoke


    I was in therapy for quite a long time before resorting to medication, and I've always made sure I had at least one safe, supportive person to go to outside of that. Have you talked to anyone you care about, let them in?

  • Karsh


    Building off of ^ - a family member or a v close friend?

  • Bmanlittle


    I dealt with my depression for close to 16 years before I sought help because I was ashamed and scared of what I would learn about myself, but the day I asked for help and went to therapy it felt like such a weight was lifted because I wasn't alone anymore and thankfully I found a medication that helps. My point being is that the hardest step for depression is the first one, but after it's all out in the open and you have a good safety net it does get better.

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