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Hi my name is JD, I am 59. The reason I am here is I'd like to spread my story as far and wide as I possibly can as I'm sure it would very likely help someone so that maybe they don't suffer as I certainly did for several decades and the result is I developed adult onset asthma- which would have been completely avoidable. You see I was born with pneumonia and frequently had bouts of it as a child- I've been diagnosed with the following diseases many many times at some point between birth to age 25- countless cases of sinusitis, bronchiectasis, bronchitis, bronchiolitis, pleurisy, and pneumonia. At one point, age 12, I was sent to a hospital floor that was exclusively CF patients to have specialized tests run to see if I had that. Spent a week there watched fellow patients die of CF, etc. Yes it was a bit unsettling for a 12 yr old! But I wanted to know if I had CF. Turns out I didnt- but when I left there I was like to myself- hey at least these folks know what's wrong with them! Finally, age 25 I met a new Dr who was vastly different than all those previous. From birth my parents waited till I was really sick, (like most people still do today) then they'd take me to the Dr where I was given antibiotics- and I'd recover. But the occurrences of the bronchial infections kept getting more and more frequent until at age 23 I was taking antibiotics every day! Ever since I was an infant I read every book on lungs and upper respiratory illness I could find. I became an RN and specialized in respiratory conditions decades ago and did learn a lot. Then I meet a totally different Dr at the VAMC in Kansas City MO. Briefly, he told me that "I know what you've been told your whole life, that antibiotics will 'boost' your immune system and that your immune system is a bit weak therefore it needs an antibiotic 'boost', right? I agreed as that was indeed what happened. He then told me antibiotics DO NOT BOOST your immune system! What they do is BREAK IT DOWN and make you WEAKER! I then asked what can I do to replace antibiotics? The answer? Well the facts are, he told me, that your IGE portion of your immune system works WAY TOO WELL, and the rest of your immune system is all normal! He also showed me this with lab data. Normal IGE is 0-120. MINE WAS 800! I then asked what is IGE? He stated its your histamine level, so your problem is YOU NEED ANTIHISTAMINES, NOT ANTIBIOTICS- and YOU will be on antihistamines every day for your lifetime! It turns out he was absolutely correct. PEOPLE - JUST LIKE THAT DR TOLD ME NEVER USE ANTIBIOTICS FOR ANY UPPER RESPIRATORY INFECTION UNLESS YOU'VE DONE NOTHING AND YOU HAVE PNEUMONIA. From now on take antihistamines AT THE FIRST SIGN of any kind of upper respiratory condition. What is the best antihistamine? For me it's the old antihistamine Chlortrimeton, which comes as 4mg or 12mg. Many people use benadryl which is also good. In addition you can take way more benadryl or chlortrimeton than what's listed on their labels. A quick internet search of is it safe to use way more benadryl than recommended on its label? You will quickly see that you can. I'm telling you that was my best Dr visit ever in my life! I am completely free of antibiotics for URI of any kind. Along came covid and, after studying about it for a short while I realized how covid works and how it makes you sick. Covid quickly stimulates massive amounts of histamine secretions, that, if left unchecked, will fill your lungs with fluid and you have pneumonia. I tell you folks- if anyone would get covid it would be me! So I set about an experiment. Honestly, I went this entire pandemic refusing to wear a mask but did take chlortrimeton 12 mg twice a day and/or up to 20 tabs in one day, or 9 tabs in a row for 2 weeks or so- and got over every upper respiratory event I had with no problem ar all. We have a daughter in high school many kids there were sick some parents died. all 3 of my family were on antihistamines, there were 3 covid tests administered to us, all 3 were negative. My point here is that doctors today are STILL WAY OVER PRESCRIBING ANTIBIOTICS and way UNDER PRESCRIBING ANTIHISTAMINES. Matter of fact, doctors aren't telling patients about antihistamines at all. It's sad. If anyone wants to discuss this I would be happy to. If anyone wants to know more details or just wants support to get off antibiotics or wants to learn how to deal with colds and upper respiratory illness, I will be happy to chat with them. I also produced 3 videos on YouTube under the title 'jdmcginn' that explains this in more detail. Please go check em out write comments, etc. I AM ON A MISSION TO ELIMINATE ANTIBIOTICS FOR THE TREATMENT OF UPPER RESPIRATORY INFECTION!

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      Thanks for sharing. I’ll check out your YouTube videos.

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