Hi! What medication are you taking to treat your Primary Amenorrhea?





Chronic Generalized pain



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  • Therealmaren


    I’m taking estradiol and progesterone

    • Yellow_Bird


      can I ask you how long have you been in that medication and have you feel any side effects?… I remember they give estradiol and progesterone for a little be when I was very young. Then, I was not responsible enough to continue my treatment and I was off of that medication for years and recently and my endocrinologist tried something similar but It caused me too much pain, so they switch me to something call Raloxifene.

      • Therealmaren


        I’ve been on it for about a month now. I haven’t had any noticeable side effects yet. I did get bleeding like a period after a long year of not having one. It only lasted 3 days though. Much better than the naltrexone they had me try. That increased my irritability

  • GreenFern


    I take Norethindrone (a progesterone only birth control) I didn’t have any bleeding or side effects for the first 3 years I took it. Now I’m bleeding about every 7 days while taking…that’s probably from something unrelated tho? I’ve also never had a natural period

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