Hallucinations - how do I know if I am hallucinating? What are hallucinations like for you, especially non-visual ones? My therapist recently diagnosed me with schizophrenia, but I am not sure if I have ever hallucinated. I tick a lot of the other boxes though and out of all other conditions this one makes the most sense. Do all schizophrenics hallucinate?


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  • SaltySienna420


    Schizophrenia can come in a lot of different ways, per se. Some affected hear voices, that aren't there. They hear conversations in their head. Some affected see little things that aren't there. I met someone who was affected with it where she had a voice in her head that narrated what she did and it never shut up. It varies.

  • ProjectSys


    not all of them do, tho i tend to have pretty vivid hallucinations. im used to them and come to love and accept less intrusive ones. auditorally, i hear conversations (some farther off) and buzzing in the back of my head; songs too that tend to reflect mental state. i also constantly have static over my field of vision (open and closed) which morph into afterimage shapes and eyes, it's a lil hard to describe 💜

  • splonkus


    i experience very very painful tactile hallucinations, i get stabbed and i get my ass grabbed and my throat slit. i feel the phantom pain but it’s painful in my nerves and under my skin. i also experience auditory hallucinations, i hear people talking to me and communicating to me through their brains when i’m trying to sleep. i also hear women who don’t know how to cry in my vents and hear people screaming downstairs when i’m not home, sometimes i will even have conversations with my mom in another room when she’s not home. my visual hallucinations are not usually very clear but the ones that are are the invisible (like how they portray invisible in tv) 8 foot tall aliens and when the walls breath.

  • LaurelRose


    No, not all schizophrenics hallucinate. Hallucinations for me are being touched when I'm alone and having and hearing people talk in my head that don't exist. I also feel people watching me when no one is. Paranoia basically. I hope you this helps.

  • laceyandme


    I mostly hear voices and have delusions and paranoia but all schizophrenia patients are different you dont have to hear voices to be schizophrenic

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