My meds do not seem to work for my nausea very well (regarding my CVS diagnosis). Does anyone have recommendations for dealing with bad nausea days?

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  • Fibrofoggirl


    Do you take Zofran?

  • Sloupysue


    I use 8 mg zofran melts for daily nausea if I need cannabis I take that at night. I do have the use of compazine suppositories too. Do you have these meds too

  • Fibrofoggirl


    I have Zofran I have cannabis but I don’t have that suppository where do you get it?

    • Sloupysue


      from my gastroenterologist.

  • RainbowKai


    I use zofran but if it’s a really bad day I usually have to stay home and push through, lots of water and sleep help a little, but I haven’t found any definite answers yet!

  • Deno


    I use Dramamine (original formula, not meclazine) when I feel an episode coming on zofran only works through the iv for me and I have phenagren? Suppositories when it gets really bad but I swear by Dramamine I haven’t had a full blown episode in months I still get them but they don’t last as long

  • Sloupysue


    Mmj for me if the zofran doesn’t work. My gastroenterologist has also prescribed marinol.

  • Sloupysue


    I found out through a process of elimination that the tramadol I was taking was causing a lot of nausea. I will be watching closely for anymore CVS symptoms. Maybe I found my answer?

  • Mads0927


    I have found 10 mg of reglan helps with my nausea more than zofran. I also use TummyDrops lozenges (Amazon) to combat nausea, those really help me a lot!

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