How do I get a dr to take my concerns seriously? (I'm 23/f so that really doesn't help)

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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  • theonewomen


    If it's possible, take someone with you who can advocate for you. That's helped me. But I totally understand that sometimes that's not an option for people. So the other thing you could try is keeping a journal of your symptoms day to day, so when you take it in you have something to point to and say "look, this is real, this is how I live day in and day out" That's what I've found that's helped! It's tough to be heard, but you got this! Stay strong!

  • Atatizakti


    Ask around. Join fb groups for people with EDS (especially in your area) and ask who they see. Google specialists. I think they have a listing of specialists on the EDS website. Attentive doctors will also refer you to other attentive doctors.

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