Are random palpitations that come on from specific things like eating or heavy lifting normal?

Chronic or Recurrent Palpitations


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  • A66y


    No its stress

  • Kirbear123


    I’m sorry but the message above is incorrect. Yes, it can be absolutely normal to get palpitations from certain activities or from certain amounts of food. Your vagus nerve is connected directly to your stomach. So when eating heavier foods it can cause palpitations. Just like when you eat your heart rate speeds up to compensate more blood flor and allow for digestion. Just like when moving certain objects it can cause palpitations as well because of your vagus nerve and certain strains can cause a slight increase in heart rate and BP. Please don’t just chalk it down to stress. Although, stress is a very big contributor to palpitations it is not the only reason. The average person gets palpable a few times a month, however, if you are having them daily or rather frequently and haven’t been checked out yet. I would highly recommend you see a doctor just to make sure. But most of the time they are no cause for worry. Hope this helps! :)

  • Kirbear123


    Palpitations **

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