Started getting hives after the second Covid shot for about three months .
And after the booster , and till now.
Hives appear randomly on my body mostly legs and arms, mostly at the pm part of the day and disappear morning time.
Tried Allegra for couple weeks it didn’t feel any better.



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  • Bellez


    I highly recommend Zyrtec for hives - I was talking 3-4 every so many hours to get a handle on my hives. Benadryl was also helpful but definitely made me sleepy.

  • Elo61


    Thank you dear, I started with it first but didn’t see any progress, maybe I will try it for longer period. Thank you again .



    I find that Xyzal works better than Zyrtec, but personally I find that it has more side effects when taken long term (I took it everyday for about a year and struggled with fatigue and depression). You can also use topical treatments like colloidal oatmeal baths, lidocaine, and menthol cream to ease discomfort from symptoms! :)

  • Elo61


    Thank you very much my friend, will ask my doctor and give it a try 🙏

  • VR


    I have to use Benadryl, but def try Zyrtec first if you haven’t to avoid tiredness

  • carol5


    me too. i started hives after second vaccine. i ended up in hosp. cant get relief

  • King_Lizard


    Maybe try a liver supplement such as livaplex . I had chronic hives for a year and a half and this helped the most along with a probiotic and regular fish oil

  • King_Lizard


    I started off taking Zyrtec twice daily bc that’s what my allergist recommended( it wrecked havoc on my liver and made the skin problems worse) . Taking supplements might take longer way to notice results but could help in the long term

  • Wayne777


    I had my 1st covid jab and a friend asked if I had any reactions I said yes my skin was itchy. 2nd jab a few weeks later I started scratching my skin and seems like it’s not stopped. I’ve been tested have a allergy to dairy products plus yeast allergy. The itching is painful at times. I’ve been awake for a few hours now with red patches over my arms chest back. Only relief seems to be cold wet towel and let it calm down

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