About to start taking Aubagio. Anyone have good/bad experiences to share with this medication?

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

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  • Dazey94


    I got diagnosed in 2018/2019 and Aubagio was the first med I was prescribed. I don’t recall any bad side effects while taking it but after annual MRI found out I had more lesions. So Aubagio ended up not working for me personally. Seems to be what insurance will pay for first. After Aubagio failed they put me on an IV med, Ocrevus. You receive it every 6 months. And so far so good! I’ll never know why Aubagio didn’t work for me- maybe just wasn’t strong enough? Or Maybe because I would miss a pill here and there.. MS takes all of us on different rollercoasters. I hope Aubagio does great for you! 💕

  • Blue_Star


    Aubagio was the second med I took for my MS. It’s interesting because with Aubagio there are a handful of side effects that don’t start until 3 months in, like hair loss. I was doing just fine on it, then three months hit and I got extreme nausea. I ended up getting put on anti-nausea meds and eventually had to stop taking Aubagio. I don’t mean to scare you, just be aware that for some reason 3 months in on that med can be when side effects show up. Hopefully they sent you a packet with info about this! I hope this helps!

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