What are your symptoms with optic neuritis also do any off y’all have MOG as well?

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  • QuestionQueen


    Optic neuritis is a damage optic nerve. My vision is very blurry, I can’t drive anymore. My eyes are super sensitive to sunlight. If you were right in front of me I could see your face and eyes, etc. in a blurry way, but I couldn’t really see your eye color or iris. It’s all just a blur. I can’t recognize people from across the room. Those who have optic neuritis due to MS typically have pain and unexpected vision loss in one eye. . Mine presented a little differently. I had no pain and my vision loss happened in both eyes, slowly over a 2-year period.

  • NanN


    Mine happened due to 4 brain bleeds. 2 were quite serious. It's miraculous to have even survived 1. I have optic nerve damage, sensitivity to light, and eye strain, and pain in and around my eyes almost always. The brain surgery involved in the last 2 bleeds was quite intense. The things I've done to help with the symptoms have been getting a filter for my glasses and sunglasses, and getting regular eye exams to be sure there isn't something else going on. The filter has been very nice. Especially when using the computer, my phone, and watching T.V.

    • QuestionQueen


      my eyes are super sensitive to light as well. No one except my husband really understands why I like cloudy days better than sunny ones. I don’t have a tremendous amount of pain but my acuity is very poor. I tell people I see like Monet painted…very blurry with edges blended together. I miss seeing the details of a person’s face or of the day. At least I still dream with sharp acuity. I have a blind friend who was fully blind since age 3. She has false eyes now. She dreams like she sees the world. Her dreams are full of familiar voices and tactile things. But no images or faces. I try to remember that when I feel sorry for myself…which I sometimes do. There are people way stronger than me when it comes to enduring. You, for example, with surgery and brain bleeds. Just thinking of how scary that must have been…I’m truly sorry it is something you’ve endured and deal with daily.

  • NanN


    The brain bleeds decreased my peripheral vision by a lot, but as the years have passed, that peripheral vision on my field of vision studies has actually improved. It is rare for me to have any of my window blinds open. I can only sympathize with you, as your condition seems to be more severe. I have been very very blessed. I haven't had a brain surgery in almost 19 years. I had 9 between birth an 15 years, and then 22 between ages 21-29, and I had 9 other surgeries that weren't neuro related. I haven't had to have any major surgeries for several years, for which I am very thankful. Juggling and managing the myriad of symptoms is no joke. We all have our stuff, right? The cool part of it is to learn about other people who go through relatively the same thing, or something like it. Ya don't feel like you are in outer space just existing, with no one else. This is a place to find similarities rather than just being by your lonesome in your pain and suffering. As far as I can tell, this is a meeting of the minds as far as chronic conditions is concerned. Thank you for what you've shared.

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