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  • Pinkcamogal23


    So pretty much, it makes your chest and can make other parts of your body parts hurt. I get pain in my chest and back behind my heart. It’s caused by inflammation in your body.

    • Kirbear123


      I’ve had what they call “costochondritis” for years now and I get all the same symptoms. It’s almost always on the left side of my sternum and it comes and goes. Sometimes it lasts for weeks and others a couple of months. When I used to look it up it always says costochondritis should only last a couple of weeks but I’ve had it for years and it comes and goes. I’m not sure if anyone else experiences this like this too but it can sometimes be so debilitating.

      • Doglover25006


        I’ve had costochondritis since 2017. Pain would flare and calm down in cycles. I spent a lot of time on steroids and bed rest while the docs tried to figure out what this was and how to treat it. No good answers at first but as of about a year or two ago I am now pain free most of the time and my flares are less severe.

  • Idontknownameme


    It’s just a swelling of your intercostals. The cartilage that holds your ribs together and to your sternum will swell. It can feel similar to heart problems when you have a flare up, which makes it super important to become familiar with as you progress through your journey. To help, you can use pain patches, anti-inflammatory meds, or natural treatments such as turmeric. Since inflammation is considered auto-immune, you should keep a check for other issues such as fibromyalgia or rheumatoid arthritis.

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