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Hello i am new to this alike app but apparently this app is to stop me from googling & find some people that can relate to my conditions & help me or give advice what they did during a treatment ? so heres my conditions ive had it for 10 + years the doctors never seemed to have answers & it sucks but anyways im active for the most part of my life & i sweat alot which i prefer even though it gross to sweat but i am currently 6'0 foot 225 (28 years old) my problems is if i take a few weeks out from being active & not sweating my body gets very irritated i dont break out in hives or anything but it gets extremely itchy & red not from me scratching i try not to itch & to add to it i try staying calm & hydrated so i dont make matters worse but unfortunately this is a common thing so i hope i didnt type to much & somebody actually reads this & can relate & give some advice on how they treat it I would like to find a solution before i hit my 50s & 60's again i am only 28 & this condition doesn't run in my family .

    • Romano


      From looking at pictures on Google, I’ve self diagnosed myself with Dyshidroctic eczema. I’ve had it for years and recently discovered that when I cut out all dairy, even the smallest amount of butter, that my hands will heal completely after a month. It’s really challenging to cut out all dairy. But it’s been worth it for me. I was lucky to discover my allergy. I would recommend trying an elimination diet, then slowly reintroducing foods after your condition improves. Then taking note if you get a flare up. My hand will react within 30 minutes of eating dairy. Wishing you all the best in your search.

    • Isu


      Hi! I have Dyshidrotic eczema (can't sleek so I copied from Google) and regular atopic dermatitis (aka eczema) and it sounds like that! Is your skin really flakey and you get like sweat bumps? It could be dyshidrotic eczema in that case then you should see a dermatologist. Most common prescription is steroid creams which is what I use

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