I am now 22, I started my period
when I was 13. I've never had regular
cycles. I usually skip a month or two.
But it has now been 6 months since
I've had a period. I'm not pregnant.
hasn't bled since October 2021, but I
still have discharge and I still get
cramps sometimes. I also have had
chronic headaches every day.
fatigue, hot flashes, and lower sex
drive. I feel like I'm experiencing
menopause but I'm only 22. Has anyone else gone through or known anyone who has gone through menopause at a young age?

Irregular Menstrual Periods

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  • San91


    I had those after I stopped my birth control. I started exercise and focused on my eating. It helped for a bit and got it back.

  • Chloe133


    I am currently experiencing this. I’m only 18 though. After I got off birth control, My cycle was 20 days one month then 40 days. I am now on a 42 day cycle, took two pregnancy tests, both negative. I have fatigue and horrible hot flashes. I think stress and bowel issues are making my periods not come, I don’t go to the doctor for another month or so.

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