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hello hello you can call me Date (Dah-tey) and I want to start off that I am not offically diagnosed yet but I would greatly like to seek one. I have been questioning since 2018 and I definitely have gone back and forth many times over between info and comparing with other people etc and im fairly certain I have DID. thing is I do not really know how I would go about getting a diagnosis. or well at least finding someone who I can see for this. does anyone have any tips? what was the process like? are there any red flags i should look out for? anything would be much appreciated! ♡

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      I would start by seeking out a mental health professional who does complex trauma-focused care! I think the ISSTD has a directory, and you could also check your local community mental health clinic if you're eligible for services there, or search for local private practice clinics. I'd like to say that diagnosis is a tool to help guide treatment, not an end in and of itself. We were diagnosed with DID last year, and it gave us a better framework for understanding ourselves and making progress. I think it's best to go in with the goal of working on things that are troubling you, and to be as honest as you can. With any mental health professional, you can absolutely stop seeing them and find another if they're not helping you. Some therapists and clients just don't click and that's okay. And the biggest therapist red flag for me is dismissing experiences and/or treating experiences as "attention seeking." I hope my rambling is at least a little bit helpful. Good luck! ⸜( ˙˘˙)⸝

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