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i seem to cry a lot. every little thing can upset me. if someone’s tone seems a little mean, i cry. even if they weren’t trying to be harsh. i have anxiety pretty bad. some days are worse than others. i am married and don’t live near my family. so i have his family and like one friend in this town. i love my husband and don’t regret moving out here but it’s hard not having many people near me that i get along with. this may be why i’m always anxious as well. although i’ve had anxiety since before i moved out here, this situation may be triggering sometimes. i got a dog to help with the night anxiety and she has mostly helped with it.

    • Ashleyyy


      Life can feel extremely overwhelming at times, and I'm so sorry you are feeling that way now. I have been there many times. What has helped me most is knowing that I can do things to make myself feel better. Instead of feeling like everything is out of my control, I know that there are something's that will make me feel better in the long or short run if I embrace them. Take some deep breaths, and try to focus on what you can do to solve the problem instead of solely focusing on it. I have had trouble sleeping my entire life because of my anxiety, so I had to change a lot of things to make it better. I now have a set bedtime routine that starts after I take my melatonin. I dim the lights, play rain sounds, and get ready for bed. When I am feeling down, I try to do things that I know will make me feel better in the long run. Like getting 10-30 minutes of sunshine, doing a 15-30 minute workout, playing video games with my friends, or calling up a loved one.

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