I am at a crossroads; I injured my si joints with long-distance, heavy backpacking.
I wound up in excruciating pain, that I used lidocaine applications, and naproxen, to diminish.
Now I use a tens unit ( now 120 minutes every morning), sleep on 4” of gel mattress, and find walking and running help to prevent stiffness and inflammation.
I did injections, and found great relief for 3 months,but wonder to try that again.( besides “the pain” of insurance when asked to pay “out of network” anesthesiologist.
What are your go-to treatments that are cumulatively working.



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  • Breathe16


    That's great you are finding ways to manage! My journey has been rocky as i self diagnosed the sacroiliitis after my second car accident. And it was later confirmed by a doctor. Though i did 3 rounds of sacral & lower lumbar injections resulting in 35 total. It seemed to of caused more discomfort and no relief. It has been 5 years with this injury. And i am not starting a personal training journey to strengthen the muscles. Fingers crossed it will show some improvement!

  • Breathe16


    Now starting*

  • JourneywithJesus


    Stretching helps. I’m going to be more pro-active with stretchy bands, and exercise ball. I got a vibrating plate, and find some help with that too. I need to walk or I get tightened up and it becomes painful to do any motion. Glad you’re trying to find solutions☺️

    • ellehoots


      what us a vibrating plate? Thank in advance

      • JourneywithJesus


        the vibrating plate is an electronic device you stand on to jiggle and vibrate your muscles/skeletal system. It has be a useful tool for doing mild squats ( stretch therapist recommended), to regain mobility and flexibility in my stiff/ inflexible muscles/tendons. If you google it or look on Amazon, you'll get the idea.

  • ellehoots


    Pick up a pack of Salonpas Pain patches. The green box it has methyl salicylate (anti-inflammatory) and menthol. I've tried them all works the best. Don't buy off brand burned my back that way before. I also take difenac, tylenol and tramadol when it's bad. I did have major success with PT after seeing 3 others. It's about finding the right therapist for you. Clam shells, bridg pose and downward dog poses help. Hamstring stitches. Just got another SI injection ans Facet injection L5-S1 today. They help but you really have to baby them. Don't last forever.

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