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2y ago

Need help with my alarms!

i keep turning my alarms off in my sleep, do you have any good alarm suggestions?

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2y ago

try the alarmy app!!


2y ago

Yes, I do the same thing and this seems to work the best. I got a radio alarm (or u can get one that plays cd's and put your favorite get up and go cd) and set it really loud, make sure it is not placed by your bed though. I keep mine on my dresser that's near the foot of my bed but too far for me to hit snooze! When it goes off u have to actually get out of bed to turn it off or snooze it. If getting out of bed doesn't wake u enough u can still hit snooze and lay back down, which I do sometimes, and when it goes off again repeat, but more than likely the loud music will either wake u up enough to get up and take your meds (or whatever) or it's going to annoy u so much that u can't get back to sleep! LOL This has helped me a ton! Hope it helps u 2!

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