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I've had slight scoliosis since I was a child I found the rib pain normal growing up. An had psychical therapy due to cerebral palsy till I was 19. I'm only having issues now on my right shoulder and upper back which stops at my curvature and how its starting to radiate down my elbow. I am full busted so I learned to hunch over in middle school once I was I was a D cup, I'm a H now due to medications I take. Wearing a bra doesn't make a difference. I've tried stretching massaging it out, yet it comes back. What type of treatment suggestions should I be expecting? Doctors usually overlook my cerebral palsy because I generally do things and look like everyone else otherwise, so exercise seems redundant to me if my muscles tighten back up as they already have been. I curious if they would recommend a medical corest with straps for support.

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      I can only speak to my journey so far with my back as I'm not familiar with treatments for cerebral palsy. For me, I've been in pain for most of my life. Surgery over 20 yrs ago and what works for me is regular chiropractic adjustments and massages. I also didn't want to become addicted to pain pills so I've tried a lot of different things over the years. Bottom line is finding a system that works for you to keep your body moving and working for you. So give the medical corset a try! Couldn't hurt! I had to wear a brace for 3 years for my scoliosis so it wouldn't be my first choice. Lol Good luck! 💕

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