Hi, I’m new here. My name is Zee and I’m 23. My pronouns are they/them (AFAB, non-binary). I feel I was wrongly diagnosed with ADHD around 2019 after years of thinking I was neurodiverse. I heard that ASD is harder to diagnose in AFAB people and I still don’t have an official diagnosis and I just want to be seen and not called cr*zy anymore. I’ve taken several online tests and as I’m not using that to self-diagnose I would just really like to know how I can get a proper diagnosis after all these years.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • ToastyToast


    The sad thing is, it won't be easy. You need to insist with your doctors that they test you for it. You may have to bring up these online tests over and over again just to get a diagnosis.

  • crocodilegold


    I recommend watching videos about people's experiences living with ASD. So many of the things I learn about make me go, "wait, I thought everyone did that." and it's just simply not the case. I haven't gotten a formal diagnosis (don't want to go through the hassle after the hoops I jumped through for ADHD), but I relate so deeply to many of the sensory issues and ways I process things.

    • 0_Shinigami_0


      are there any people's videos you particularly recommend?

  • Oscar


    i wish you luck in getting diagnosed!

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