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2y ago

Struggling with Gullibility as an Autistic Person

Does anyone else who’s autistic/ have autism have a habit of being easily influenced or gullible? If so, does anyone have any tips on how to combat it? My gullibility has gotten to a point where my own mother treats me like I’m twelve when I’m almost 21. At this point, being gullible is just causing pain my life so I could really use some advice

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2y ago

My librarian gave me How to Win Friends and Influence People book years ago... and while I still miss stuff, it helped tons.


2y ago

I'm not diagnosed so sorry if that changes anything: I'm the same way I can tell you that it's like "excuse me how am I supposed to tell if your serious or not" my best advice is to mabye get some other friends or family around you and see what they think or research it yourself: one thing I allways keep in mind is this "if it sounds too good to be true it probably is" I wish you the best of luck

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