Posts on Alike for June 2022

  1. Straterra causing hot flashes and migraines?
  2. Effective Ways to Relieve Anxiety Attacks
  3. Constant Migraines After UTV Accident
  4. Constantly Daydreaming: Is It Normal?
  5. Medication for Mental Health: Yay or Nay?
  6. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  7. Struggling with Motivation: Tips for Coping
  8. What are the most bothersome symptoms of fibromyalgia?
  9. Dealing with GERD: Chest Pains and Medication
  10. Effective Ways to Lose Weight
  11. Hot flashes on Effexor: is it normal?
  12. Late Diagnosed Autistic Struggling with Eating Issues
  13. Undiagnosed OCD and Fear of Autism Screening
  14. Ways to Manage Progressing Rheumatoid Arthritis
  15. Gabapentin and Hives: Is it a Side Effect?
  16. Should I do chemo after surgery?
  17. Newly Diagnosed with Breast Cancer - What to Expect?
  18. Managing Anxiety in Relationships
  19. Tips for Dealing with Hair Loss
  20. Signs of Progression: How to Tell if Your Health is Improving
  21. Dealing with Chronic Low Back Pain
  22. Seeking Help for C-PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression
  23. Is Smoking Weed Safe for Bipolar People?
  24. Dealing with Irritability During Menopause
  25. Panic attacks and lingering after effects
  26. Distinguishing Autistic Meltdowns from Panic Attacks
  27. Seeking advice on Propranolol and Imitrex for migraines
  28. Understanding the Progression of Rare Leukemia
  29. In Need of Support: Struggling with Mental Health
  30. Struggling with Bilateral Vestibular Hypofunction and PPPD
  31. Panic Disorder and Eating Disorders: What's the Connection?
  32. Struggling with Weight Loss? Share Your Experience
  33. What are your Symptoms with Sjogren's Syndrome?
  34. Seeking Advice: How to Get Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder?
  35. Reducing Antidepressants for Bipolar II Disorder
  36. Dealing with Mania: What to Do When You Notice Symptoms
  37. Type 1 Narcoleptic Sophomore in College
  38. Sleep Study: What to Expect?
  39. Struggling with Multiple Illnesses at 65
  40. Coping with Chronic Illness: How Do You Do It?
  41. Shoulder Pain After Laparoscopic Ovarian Cystectomy
  42. Dealing with Anxiety Disorder and Panic Attacks at Night
  43. Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, but Do I Have ADHD?
  44. Do I Have Anxiety? Constant Fidgeting and Swaying
  45. Weird sensation of dying in sleep
  46. Acupuncture and Chiropractic: Do They Work?
  47. Tips for Dealing with Night Dread?
  48. Looking for Advice on Esketamine for Depression
  49. My First Mindbloom Session with Ketamine: A Life-Changing Experience
  50. How to Cope with Depression
  51. Dealing with Internal Vibrations
  52. What has helped you the most with diabetes?
  53. Tip-toe Walking Ruined My Body
  54. Dealing with Chronic Migraines for 20 Years
  55. What Are the Common Traits of Autism?
  56. Speech Disturbances: Anyone Else Experiencing This?
  57. Inconsistent Eating Habits and Painful Hiccups
  58. Seeking Advice for Treatment Options
  59. Alternative treatments for depression
  60. Struggling with Blood Sugar Control?
  61. What Does Depression Feel Like?
  62. What's Causing My Migraine Today?
  63. Living with Chronic Pain: Seeking Advice
  64. Treating Chronic Pain: Seeking Advice
  65. How long does it take to feel the effects of Lyrica?
  66. Can I Get Insomnia Medication at a Walk-In Clinic?
  67. Looking for Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux and Barretts Esophagus
  68. Not Following a Specific Diet Plan with Hashimoto's
  69. Sudden Headache and Nausea on Venlafaxine
  70. Seeking Advice on Endometrial Polyp Removal
  71. Dealing with People Pleasing Tendencies
  72. Disorientation and Disassociation: Anyone Else Experience This?
  73. Can't Sleep Through the Night - Any Advice?
  74. Dealing with Lupus and Nosebleeds
  75. How Does Hydrocephalus Affect My Mental Health?
  76. Increased Lyrica Dosage Causing Exhaustion - Any Advice?
  77. Waking Up Early: Is It Good or Bad?
  78. Terrible Muscle Pain in Thighs - Any Suggestions?
  79. Newly diagnosed with MCAS, seeking advice on treatments
  80. Feeling Empty and Unmotivated
  81. Waiting for Relief: How Long Does it Take for Medication to Work?
  82. Endometriosis Symptoms: Mild Pain but Many Other Symptoms
  83. Switching from Adderall to Vyvanse: Need Advice
  84. Fibromyalgia and Gluten: Can Cutting it Out Help with Pain?
  85. Struggling with Physical Conditions and Mental Health
  86. Dealing with Motion Sickness and Nausea with POTS
  87. Starting Acterma, need advice on pros and cons
  88. Dealing with Sleeping Issues and Fibromyalgia
  89. Heart Palpitations and Constipation
  90. Dealing with Medical Struggles as a Teenager
  91. Am I Overthinking My Birth Control?
  92. Finding Hope in Unorthodox Methods: My Endometriosis Journey
  93. Remeron Side Effects: Spacey Feeling
  94. Visiting a Neurologist for Migraines: What to Expect
  95. Newly Diagnosed with CRSP: Seeking Advice and Support
  96. Looking for MCTD treatment advice
  97. Eczema Flare Up During Viral Infection
  98. How Anxiety Can Impact Your Eating Habits
  99. Dealing with Chronic Nausea: Seeking Advice
  100. Scared to Start Vraylar After Bad Experience with Latuda
  101. High results on complements 3 and 4 labs from rheumatology
  102. How Does Marijuana Affect Anxiety?
  103. Dizziness with Anxiety: Is it Normal?
  104. Lifestyle adjustments for managing PCOS symptoms
  105. Struggling with Gabapentin for Fibromyalgia
  106. My Dad's Liver is Failing and I'm Scared
  107. How do you distract yourself from self-harm?
  108. Nasty Taste and Shortness of Breath After Taking Venlafaxine
  109. Looking for Pain Management Options for Fibromyalgia
  110. Male with Fibromyalgia: Seeking Answers
  111. Dealing with Amaxophobia: Tips and Advice
  112. New here, struggling with ADHD and depression
  113. Painful Swallowing and Swollen Lymph Nodes: Autoimmune Symptom?
  114. Back injections for bertelotti’s - is it normal to feel worse?
  115. Question about the app and my mental health
  116. Misdiagnosed with ADHD? Similarities with Autism
  117. Has anyone had a positive experience with Reclast Infusion?
  118. Are Intense Mood Swings Normal for Bipolar Disorder?
  119. Struggling with Anxiety and Depression at Work
  120. Tips for Administering Eye Drops
  121. Struggling with Health and Family Issues
  122. Living with Type One Diabetes: My Journey So Far
  123. Wellbutrin/Bupropion XL for ADHD - Losing Effectiveness?
  124. ADD and ADHD: Are They Really the Same?
  125. Struggling with Anxiety and Sex
  126. How long will Lexapro withdrawal symptoms last?
  127. New to the Crew: My ASD Diagnosis Story
  128. Coping with a Diagnosis: Share Your Experience
  129. Endometriosis and Vomiting on First Day of Period
  130. Struggling with Diabetes Management: Should I Find a New Doctor?
  131. Need advice on medication for depression
  132. Dealing with Hyperpots: Seeking Natural Remedies
  133. Introducing Myself: Chronically Ill Queer Seeking Connection
  134. Dealing with Chronic Pain and Viral Infections
  135. New here, struggling with chronic pain and lack of medication
  136. Possible DID diagnosis, medication options?
  137. Is Depression a Physical Illness?
  138. Dealing with Chiari Malformation: Seeking Advice
  139. To KT Tape or Not to KT Tape: That is the Question
  140. Looking for Job Recommendations with Fibromyalgia
  141. Fibro-Friendly Hobbies: Recommendations Needed!
  142. Trouble Sleeping with Arthritis?
  143. Does anyone else experience a 'jump feeling' when trying to sleep?
  144. How long does it take for weight loss medication to work?
  145. Sex and Medical Issues: Dryness During Intercourse
  146. Dealing with Autophobia: Tips and Tricks
  147. Finally got anxiety meds!
  148. Managing Fibromyalgia Pain: Should I Consider Mobility Aids?
  149. Severe Osteoarthritis and ACL Tear: Any Suggestions?
  150. Can anxiety cause severe weakness?
  151. Earning Money with Chronic Illness: Any Advice?
  152. Coping with Depression: Tips and Advice
  153. Living with Chronic Pain and IBS: Seeking Advice
  154. Most Effective Treatments for My Condition?
  155. Dealing with Able-Bodied Pressure to Workout
  156. Navigating Life with Health Issues and a Service Dog in Training
  157. Prazosin and Nightmares: Sleeping Longer?
  158. Migraine Diagnosis: How Long Did It Take You?
  159. Gabapentin and Weight Gain: Any Success with Losing the Pounds?
  160. Dealing with Menopause at 30
  161. Seeking advice on starting the EDS diagnosis process
  162. Struggling to Sleep: Share Your Bedtime Routine
  163. Effective Coping Strategies for Dealing with Stress and Anxiety
  164. Dealing with Clonazepam Side Effects
  165. Feeling Weird After Taking Pills
  166. Dealing with Anxiety While Job Searching
  167. 12 Years of Coughing: Seeking Relief
  168. Struggling with Low Energy Levels
  169. Struggling to Find Motivation for IOP
  170. Pre-HRT and Psychological Tests for Gender Dysphoria Treatment
  171. What to Expect When Being Tested for hEDS: Seeking Advice
  172. Struggling with Hypothyroidism and Sleep
  173. Struggling with Alcohol Addiction
  174. The Struggle of Packing for a Trip with Anxiety
  175. Struggling with Gabapentin for Fibromyalgia
  176. Looking for Natural Remedies
  177. Telling Family About My ASD Diagnosis: Should I or Shouldn't I?
  178. How did you know you had BPD?
  179. Long term effects of hydrocortisone use?
  180. Living with T1D and Neuropathy of the Bowels
  181. Struggling to Make Food Due to Executive Dysfunction
  182. How do you measure progress in mental health?
  183. Struggling with Productivity: Any Tips?
  184. Neck Surgery Symptoms Returning
  185. Alternative Treatments for Rheumatoid Arthritis?
  186. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  187. Hip and Lower Back Pain: Hypothyroidism Related?
  188. Dealing with Chronic Aches and Pains
  189. Coping with ADHD without medication
  190. Grip Aids for Pole Dancing with Hypermobility
  191. Explaining Autism to Non-Autistic People
  192. Looking for Alternatives to Levothyroxine
  193. Advice for getting off Suboxone at 2mg's?
  194. Dealing with GERD Symptoms for Months - Need Advice
  195. How to Confirm Spondylitis Diagnosis Before Taking Humira Shot?
  196. How long did it take to get diagnosed with migraines?
  197. Debilitating Migraines: Seeking Advice
  198. Switching to Testosterone Injections - Experiencing Cramps?
  199. Looking for advice on managing depression while on medication
  200. Anxiety and Medication: How to Deal with the Side Effects on Your Sex Life
  201. Long-term effects of Pantoprazole?
  202. Anyone tried non-stimulant ADHD meds?
  203. Am I a Toxic Person Because of My BPD?
  204. Multiple Nerve Related Health Issues: Are They Connected?
  205. Managing Migraines with Caffeine: Tips and Tricks
  206. Managing Depressive Episodes: Tips and Tricks
  207. Exercising with EDS and Fibromyalgia: Tips and Advice
  208. Coping with Infertility Due to PCOS
  209. Living with Chronic Illness: Seeking Advice
  210. Trigeminal Neuralgia and Nervous System Disorders
  211. Dealing with Daily Migraines: Seeking Advice
  212. Struggling to Share My Emotions
  213. Pregnant, Sober, and Struggling: Seeking Support
  214. Confused about my Stone Risk Urine Results
  215. Living without ADHD medication: Is it possible?
  216. Alternative Therapies for Anxiety: Share Your Experience
  217. Convincing Skeptics of My Illness: Tips and Tricks
  218. Struggling with Anxiety Medication
  219. Need advice on managing high fasting blood sugar
  220. Non-Medical Ways to Improve Mental Health
  221. Struggling with Anxiety: Need Help Managing It
  222. Dealing with Separation Anxiety in a Relationship
  223. Managing Major Depression in Bipolar Disorder
  224. Need Help with POTS and Weight Loss
  225. How to make parents understand social anxiety?
  226. Looking for Others with OSDD-1b and Anxiety as the Cause of System Formation
  227. Sudden Dizziness While Lying Down
  228. Knee Osteotomy with Screws: Pain After Healing?
  229. Possible Ganglion Cyst on Daughter's Wrist
  230. Do you have a chronic illness worse than FM?
  231. Struggling with Nail Biting Due to Anxiety
  232. Can't Sleep, Brain Won't Stop: Venting About Kpop Idols, Headaches, and Noisy Ne…
  233. Looking for Free Online Therapy Services
  234. Insomnia during PMDD cycle
  235. What Foods Can I Eat With Crohn's Disease?
  236. Struggling to Get My Pet ESA Certified
  237. Fibromyalgia and Trauma: Is it a Risk Factor for Everyone?
  238. Tips for Stopping Binge Eating Urges
  239. Starting Acterma after failed attempts with other meds
  240. Can I Have Kids with Genital Herpes?
  241. Concerns about vision after recent concussion
  242. Managing Flare Ups: Coping with Extreme Heaviness
  243. Struggling with Morning Asthma and Snoring
  244. Dealing with Anxiety at Night
  245. Anyone else with Hashimoto's?
  246. Looking for a Holistic Approach to Post-Op Recovery
  247. Watchful Waiting: To Medicate or Not to Medicate?
  248. Seeking Advice on Celexa & Wellbutrin
  249. Looking for Information on GP and Ehlers Danilo’s Syndrome
  250. Looking for Support with Autoimmune Disorder Diagnosis
  251. Need Quick Anxiety Relief in Big Crowds
  252. Best PCOS Supplements: Share Your Experience
  253. Do You Ever Feel Your Brain Activity?
  254. CD4 count and medication for HIV
  255. How to Push Through Mental Overwhelm
  256. Need help with something
  257. Does Topamax Help with E Tremors?
  258. Dealing with Alters Switching Intensities
  259. Managing Hip Pain: Tips and Tricks
  260. Struggling with ADHD Medication - Seeking Advice
  261. Motivation and Chronic Pain: How to Get Things Done
  262. Suggestions for Elbow/Forearm Crutches?
  263. Dealing with Anxiety and Unrequited Love
  264. Dealing with Irrational Fears
  265. Specialists for Tremors: Who to Consult?
  266. Changes after going off hormonal BC
  267. Newbie scared about Endo surgery and dealing with IBS symptoms
  268. Fear of Diagnosis: Seeking Advice
  269. Need advice on spinal fusion surgery
  270. Struggling with Medication Adherence
  271. Struggling with ADHD and Losing Motivation
  272. Living with Anxiety and Depression: Coping Strategies
  273. Looking for Success Stories with IBS-C Treatment
  274. Recurring Jaw Pain: EDS Related?
  275. Switching from Freestyle Libre to Dexcom for Apple Watch compatibility
  276. Breathing Techniques for Panic Attacks
  277. Looking for advice on Blaspharospasm treatment
  278. Using Cannabis to Treat GP Symptoms: Yay or Nay?
  279. Looking for Fibromyalgia Medication Advice
  280. Using THC for Fibromyalgia: Is it Worth the Risk?
  281. Do I Need to See a Neurologist?
  282. Seeking Advice for ADHD and Bipolar Disorder Treatment
  283. Alcohol and Migraines: Can You Still Drink While on Treatment?
  284. Effexor making me sleepy during the day
  285. Struggling with Stress Overload and Fibromyalgia
  286. Seeking Advice on ADHD Diagnosis and Medication
  287. Struggling to Stay Motivated with Medication
  288. Excited to try new diabetes medication!
  289. Feeling Stuck: Hyperactivity and Mental Illness
  290. Job Struggles Due to Health Condition
  291. Allergy Symptoms and Food Sensitivities
  292. Looking for a Health Community
  293. AMA! 23 y/o Transmasc on Testosterone, Post Top Surgery, and Future Surgeries
  294. Looking for OTC Migraine Relief
  295. Living with a Chronic Condition: How it Affects My Daily Life
  296. Debilitating Migraine with Aurora
  297. Dealing with Pain and Nausea: Tips and Tricks
  298. Struggling with Migraines for Years
  299. Favorite Strains for Fibromyalgia Pain Relief?
  300. Dealing with Hypersexuality in BPD: Need Advice
  301. Looking for ways to manage my fatigue
  302. Struggling to Stick with a Diet? Need Advice!
  303. Need tips for dealing with possible fibromyalgia diagnosis
  304. Working with Trigeminal Neuralgia: Any Tips?
  305. Dealing with Mental Health without Medication
  306. Sertraline Withdrawal: How Bad Can It Get?
  307. Is it Rude to Ask Someone About Their Disability?
  308. Starting a Family with Mental Illness and Eating Disorder History
  309. Dealing with Insomnia: Seeking Advice and Suggestions
  310. Possible Anxiety: How Do I Confirm It?
  311. Managing Heat with a Chronic Illness
  312. Horrible Hand Pain - Need Relief Tips
  313. Can't Get ADHD Meds: Who Can Help?
  314. Positive ANA but Diagnosed with Fibro: Is it Something More?
  315. Laparoscopic Myomectomy: Recovery and Pregnancy
  316. Does family make your depression worse?
  317. Best Herbal Remedies for Midnight Insomnia
  318. Looking for Help with Neuropathy and Core Exercises
  319. Managing Pure O OCD: Tips and Tricks
  320. Headaches after stopping high blood pressure medication
  321. Reducing Breakouts: How Long Does It Take?
  322. Coping with Anxiety Medication Side Effects
  323. Struggling with ADHD at Social Events
  324. How to deal with my fear of bugs in the shower?
  325. Do I Need to See a Specialist for Anemia and PCOS?
  326. CBD for Anxiety: Is it the Best Coping Medicine?
  327. Is it okay to take an extra dose of medication?
  328. Struggling with Trichotillomania: Seeking Tips to Stop Pulling
  329. Living with Food Intolerance: Is There Anything That Helps?
  330. Considering Marijuana for Anxiety: Recommendations?
  331. Cute Shoes for AFO Braces?
  332. Struggling with Depression After Endometriosis Surgery
  333. Coping with Illness: How Do You Do It?
  334. Fibromyalgia pain in legs disappears in the morning
  335. RA and Joint Problems in Your 70s
  336. Struggling with Digestion After Gallbladder Removal
  337. Can Treating This Help With My Anxiety?
  338. Dealing with Health Anxiety: My Story
  339. Starting Adderall: My Experience So Far
  340. Struggling with Chronic Illness Diagnosis
  341. Looking for RA Medication Recommendations
  342. Helpful Tips for Dealing with Hirsutism
  343. Struggling with Online Classes: What Accommodations Helped?
  344. Finally Found Relief: My Experience with SPRINT PNS Implant
  345. Connecting with Other Women Going Through Menopause and Struggling with Migraine…
  346. Endometriosis Surgery Consultation
  347. Can Scoliosis Affect Your Legs?
  348. Managing Sickle Cell with Epsom Salt and Cannabis
  349. Dealing with Dizziness and Lightheadedness on High BP Medication
  350. Looking for Friends to Talk About My BPD Diagnosis
  351. Managing Sudden Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  352. Pacemakers for Atrial Fibrillation: How Common Are They?
  353. How to increase the likelihood of seizures showing up on an EEG?
  354. Cysts in Armpit - Need Help!
  355. Looking for suggestions on anxiety meds
  356. Checking in on Post-Op Progress
  357. Need Help Coping with Anxiety
  358. How to Get a Permanent Disability Placard for Fibromyalgia?
  359. My Experience with Hypnosis Therapy
  360. Need help finding a pre-diabetic diet
  361. Episodic Anxiety: How to Cope?
  362. Chronic Migraines: Seeking Tips and Tricks
  363. Looking for a Topical Solution for Active Flare Ups
  364. Coping with Anxiety: Looking for Non-Medication Solutions
  365. Looking for a Friend Who Understands My Struggles with Anxiety and OCD
  366. My First Seizure: Symptoms and Diagnosis
  367. Chest Pains After Top Surgery or Binder Use
  368. Low Pulse After Eating: Anyone Else?
  369. Dealing with Endo Flare and Lower Back Pain
  370. Struggling with Anxiety: Feeling Overwhelmed and Sensitive to Loud Noises
  371. Gastroparesis Journey: Where Are You?
  372. Managing Bipolar 2 and BPD without Medication: Seeking Advice from Creative Type…
  373. Seeking a Friend with DID
  374. How to Get Your Sex Drive Back with Bipolar Depression?
  375. New Diagnosis: Seeking Help
  376. How long does it take to see results from Dupixent for eczema?
  377. What Makes You Proud to be Autistic?
  378. Coping with Frequent Mood Swings: Tips and Tricks
  379. Talking about symptoms with siblings
  380. Experience with Spironolactone for Hair Loss?
  381. Dealing with Seizures and Medication Side Effects
  382. First time trying amitryiptiline, no improvement in sleep or pain
  383. Daylight Sleeping Only Due to Night Terrors: Help Needed
  384. Finding Life Again After Fibromyalgia
  385. Need help identifying a weird neck symptom
  386. Feeling Terrible After Covid Booster Shot
  387. Legal options for disabled person needing new caregiver
  388. Share Your Experience with Migraine Medications
  389. Buspar Side-Effects: Anyone Else Experiencing Them?
  390. Random Tingling Sensations in Arms, Legs, and Face
  391. Positive COVID Test While on Prednisone: Worried About Severe Symptoms
  392. Looking for Holistic Measures to Improve Mental Health
  393. Looking for Eczema Treatment Alternatives to Dupixent
  394. Dealing with People After Disclosing Autism Diagnosis
  395. Coping with Depression: Tips and Tricks
  396. What medication has worked for you?
  397. Escitalopram side effects - Dizziness on day 4
  398. Need advice on SSI/disability process
  399. Lightheaded and Weak After Panic Attack
  400. Dealing with Numbness and Tingling in Hands and Feet
  401. Benlysta for Lupus: Anyone else?
  402. Coping with Symptoms and Side Effects
  403. New here and looking for support with my depression
  404. Can Stress Affect Pain Levels?
  405. Struggling with D.I.D and Working with Alters
  406. Seeking Advice on Mental Health Post-Treatment
  407. Fever and mouth sores with fibromyalgia?
  408. Wonder Drugs: Do They Exist?
  409. Introducing Myself: Struggling with Depression and Anxiety
  410. Feeling Disconnected from Myself
  411. Blurry Vision in One Eye: Anyone Else Experienced This?
  412. Starting Adderall for the First Time - What to Expect?
  413. Introducing Myself and Asking About ADHD and Music
  414. Chronic pain in my feet, legs, and hip
  415. Possible Lupus Diagnosis - Seeking Advice
  416. Best way to track ovulation with PCOS?
  417. Looking for Sleep Alternatives
  418. Orlissa for Endometriosis: Any Experiences?
  419. Birth Control and Migraines: Has Anyone Experienced This?
  420. Alternative Treatments for Sickle Cell Disease?
  421. Feeling Like I Could Die Any Moment
  422. The Paradox of PTSD: Numbness to Trauma, Meltdown Over Small Losses
  423. Need Help with High Blood Pressure
  424. Panic Attacks While Driving: Anyone Else?
  425. Second guessing my APS diagnosis
  426. Managing Anxiety: Coping with Change
  427. Dealing with Chronic Pancreatitis Pain
  428. Managing AS and Teeth Problems
  429. Possible Flare Up - Need Advice
  430. Anxious Before Work
  431. Processing New Mental Health Diagnoses After Psych Ward Stay
  432. Elevated ANA Levels - Seeking Advice
  433. Dealing with ADHD Medication Refills: Tips and Tricks
  434. Switching from Venlafaxine to Paxil - Any Side Effects?
  435. Abilify causing facial spasms - should I stop taking it?
  436. Exploring Mental Health Treatments Beyond Medication
  437. Losing Weight with Fibromyalgia
  438. Living with Seizures: My Story
  439. Car Accident Caused Anxiety and Racing Thoughts
  440. Dealing with IC Flare Ups: Tips and Tricks
  441. Looking for HS spot treatment that doesn't require draining
  442. Coping with Social Anxiety at 18
  443. 6 Months on My Period: Is it Normal?
  444. Gaining Weight While Taking ADHD Medication
  445. Covid Recovery: Struggling with Balance?
  446. Coping with Chronic Pain: Tips and Tricks
  447. Dealing with Back Pain in Remission: Seeking Advice
  448. Dealing with PTSD: Does it ever get easier?
  449. Living with Type 1 Diabetes: My Story
  450. Help! I Can't Stop Eating Too Fast
  451. Sharp Stabbing Pain in My Back: Should I Be Concerned?
  452. Dealing with Pain: Is it Worth Taking Pain Relievers?
  453. Avoiding a DID Diagnosis: Seeking Advice
  454. Coping with Emotional Challenges in My Health Journey
  455. Dealing with Mood Swings and Boredom
  456. Tracking Progression of My Condition
  457. Need advice on Endometriosis and Slynd birth control
  458. Coping with a Dysfunctional Mind
  459. Struggling with PCOS and Weight Loss
  460. Managing Chronic Pain: Treatment Options and Pain Management Tips
  461. Struggling with Depression and Anxiety
  462. Changing My Depression Medication with the Seasons
  463. Dialysis Schedule and Work Conflict
  464. Over the counter medication for Fibro pain relief
  465. Ways to Enhance Mental Health Treatment
  466. Inpatient for Mental Health: My Experience
  467. Advice on Taking Tramadol for Back Pain and Anxiety
  468. Letting My Alters Out: Need Advice
  469. Need help wrapping sore on thigh
  470. Cymbalta Dosage Help Needed
  471. Dealing with PTSD while supporting a loved one through surgery
  472. Dealing with Chronic Plantar Fasciitis Pain
  473. Blood in Urine while on Xarelto for PEs Post Covid
  474. Alternative treatments for long-term depression?
  475. Looking for Relief from Chronic Pain
  476. Undiagnosed Autism: Seeking Insight and Support
  477. Coping with Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  478. In Need of Medical Assistance for Full Body RSD
  479. Weird Blister Rash on Arms with Fibromyalgia
  480. Dealing with Muscle Spasms: Tips and Tricks
  481. Alternatives to Hysterectomy for Complex Hyperplasia
  482. Looking for Endometriosis Pain Relief Tips
  483. Pushing Myself Too Hard: Dealing with the Consequences
  484. Advice on dealing with medication side effects
  485. Feeling Nauseous and Anxious
  486. Need advice on HPV diagnosis and colposcopy
  487. Herbal Remedies for PCOS and Weight Loss
  488. When to be Worried About Ovarian Cysts?
  489. Help! Just Diagnosed with Celiac Disease and Struggling to Find Gluten-Free Food…
  490. Looking for Advice on SI Joint Fusion Surgery
  491. Internal Sweating with Anxiety and Panic Disorder
  492. Lost sense of taste and smell after COVID, any remedies?
  493. Fluoxetine for Depression and Anxiety?
  494. Nervous about my upcoming psychiatric evaluation
  495. New Migraine Symptoms: Is it More Than Just a Headache?
  496. Chiropractor for TMJD: Has anyone tried it?
  497. Managing Daily Pain Without Medication: Tips and Tricks
  498. What are your syncope symptoms?
  499. Possible MS Diagnosis, Seeking Advice
  500. Can Spine Issues Cause TMJ Symptoms?
  501. Need advice on managing medication without a PCP
  502. Looking for Lupus Symptom Explanations
  503. Teeth Grinding and OCD: Serious Damage to My Mouth
  504. Dealing with Depression: Is Feeling Exhausted Normal?
  505. De-escalating Psychotic Episodes: Tips and Tricks
  506. Volunteering with Physical Limitations: Seeking Advice
  507. Persistent Sore Throat on Left Side
  508. Alternative Treatments for IBS?
  509. Need advice for calming skin while on Dupinix
  510. Concerned about Fibroids: What to Expect from an Ultrasound?
  511. Managing ADHD without medication: Tips and Tricks
  512. Need Help with Pain Relief
  513. How to Overcome Depression: Tips and Tricks
  514. Discreet Coping Mechanisms for Social Anxiety
  515. Alternatives to Total Shoulder Replacement?
  516. Dealing with Chronic Migraines as a Teenager
  517. Weight Gain on Hydroxychloroquine for Lupus
  518. Always Tired, Need Help!
  519. Struggling with Memory Loss due to Epilepsy
  520. Pelvic MRI Results: No Endo Found, What Now?
  521. Exploring Alternative Medicine for Mental Illness
  522. Heart Murmur - Chest Pain and Difficulty Breathing
  523. Alternatives to Medication for Mental Health Treatment
  524. Dealing with Anxiety While Traveling in an 18 Wheeler
  525. Adding an antidepressant to Lamictal for bipolar
  526. Seeking Advice for Fertility Treatment Options
  527. Dealing with Unexplained Anxiety
  528. Severe pain after disc replacement surgery
  529. Seeking Advice and Support for My Recent Cancer Diagnosis
  530. Looking for Others Eating Healthier with Diabetes
  531. Incorrect FND Diagnosis, Need Advice
  532. Introduction and Medical Condition
  533. Struggling with Fibromyalgia and Employment
  534. Coping with PTSD flashbacks and dreams
  535. Newly Diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease: Treatment Options?
  536. My Experience with Guillain Barre Syndrome
  537. What Anxiety Medications Are Effective?
  538. Tips for Lowering Elevated Liver Enzymes
  539. Stopping Prednisone after Kidney Transplant: Is it Safe?
  540. Need advice on how to prevent seizures
  541. Dealing with Acid Reflux and Excessive Mucus Buildup
  542. Tips for Losing Weight with Diabetes
  543. Looking for New Friends in the Pacific Northwest
  544. Taking Midodrine at Night for Low Blood Pressure
  545. Overcoming Fear of Being Around People
  546. Switching to CBD for Fibromyalgia: Any Suggestions?
  547. Struggling with PCOS and Weight Loss
  548. Curious if Anyone Else Was Diagnosed with ADHD as a Young Child?
  549. Buzzed my hair off - finally!
  550. First Therapy Appointment Today: What Should I Talk About?
  551. Switching from Omeprazole to NexIUM: Any Difference?
  552. Best Medications for Bipolar Type 1 and Borderline Personality Disorder?
  553. Dealing with POTS and MCAS: Struggling to Walk
  554. New here and looking for support with bipolar and anxiety
  555. Medication Side Effects: Leg Weakness and Forgetfulness
  556. Constricted pupils on Flexeril?
  557. Coping with Depersonalization: Tips and Tricks
  558. Struggling with Insomnia and Depression
  559. Is it normal to miss your period for 3 months?
  560. Overcoming Alcoholism and Injuries: My Journey to Recovery
  561. Best Bipolar Meds?
  562. Lamotrigine: Epilepsy or Bipolar Disorder?
  563. Insulin and Driving: Am I Alone?
  564. Best Medications for Depression: A Comprehensive Guide
  565. Should I Talk to My Doctor About EDS?
  566. Is Gabapentin safe for long term use?
  567. How to Tell if Your Medication is Working
  568. Struggling with Restless Leg Syndrome
  569. What's Causing My Illness? Genetic Testing?
  570. Navigating Normal Anxiety vs. My Own Anxiety
  571. Looking for Eczema Support During Topical Steroid Withdrawal
  572. Has anyone experienced stroke-like symptoms?
  573. Experiencing Severe Side Effects from Migraine Medication
  574. Struggling with CMT and balance
  575. Alcohol and Epilepsy: Head Pain and Tweaking?
  576. OTC Antihistamines Not Working Anymore - Any Advice?
  577. Celebrating a Great Doctor's Appointment
  578. Worried about Misdiagnosis after Unconscious Events
  579. Do I Need Treatment for Long COVID?
  580. Struggling with Weight Loss and Health Issues
  581. Severe Fatigue from Metformin?
  582. Clonopin Experiences: Share Yours
  583. SVT and Cardiac Ablation: Palpitations Not Felt?
  584. Struggling with Health Issues and Finding a Doctor
  585. Chronic Palpitations: Seeking Herbal Treatment
  586. Neurological Symptoms with Cervical Radiculopathy
  587. Asking for advice on increasing my antidepressant dosage
  588. Non-cancerous Nodules and Cysts: Anyone Else?
  589. Coping with Type 2 Diabetes and Chronic Illness
  590. Starting Lexapro after years without medication
  591. Dealing with Chronic Back Pain: Has Anyone Tried a Spinal Stimulator?
  592. Alternative to Medication?
  593. Struggling with Showering: Need Advice
  594. Dealing with Endometriosis Pain: Tips and Advice
  595. Struggling to Sleep and Wake Up
  596. Struggling with Friendships Due to Illness
  597. Managing Anxiety: Seeking Advice
  598. Advice for upcoming spinal fusion surgery?
  599. Crying After Masturbating: What's Wrong With Me?
  600. Can Constipation Cause Ovary Pain?
  601. Recently Diagnosed with Hep B: Need Advice
  602. Late Diagnosis of ADHD: Seeking Advice on Medications
  603. Struggling with PMDD: How to Get Out of Bed on Bad Days
  604. Frequent Yeast Infections with Lupus
  605. Dealing with Grief and Depression After Losing a Loved One
  606. Dealing with Pill Anxiety
  607. Seeking advice on Effexor for depression
  608. Nightmares from Forgetting Medication
  609. Controlling Daily Food Intake: Tips and Tricks
  610. Managing Health and Preventing Dislocations/Subluxations
  611. Isolation and Bipolar Disorder: How to Cope
  612. Dealing with Physical Discomfort: Tips and Tricks
  613. How do I explain my mental illness to my husband?
  614. Struggling with Socializing on Abilify
  615. Need Encouragement for Knee Surgery Decision
  616. Living with Antidepressants: A Lifelong Journey
  617. Managing Osteoarthritis as a Preschool Teacher
  618. Dealing with Vasovagal Syncope: Triggers and Treatments
  619. Prescribed Low-Dose Naltrexone for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  620. Does Cinnamon Help Lower Blood Sugar?
  621. Seeking advice on ADHD evaluation process
  622. Random Foot Cramps - Need Advice
  623. Seeking advice for mental health treatment options
  624. Eating Alone vs Eating with Company
  625. Regulating Symptoms Without Medication
  626. Therapist Advocating for My Autism Diagnosis
  627. What's the Best Time to Take Famotidine (Pepcid)?
  628. AVISE Testing Results and Lupus Symptoms
  629. Getting Disability Benefits: Any Advice?
  630. Dealing with Health Struggles: Seeking Support
  631. Struggling to Accept My HIV Diagnosis
  632. Looking for Advice on Bilateral Trigeminal Neuralgia
  633. The Struggle of Deciphering Disappointment with Chronic Pain
  634. Struggling with Menopause Symptoms
  635. Struggling to keep a job with chronic illness
  636. Living with Aplastic Anemia: Stories and Support
  637. Tips for Remembering Complex Medication Schedules
  638. Non RX remedies for IBS
  639. Sudden urge to cry
  640. When to Use Mobility Aids Consistently?
  641. Can Emotional Abuse and Toxic Relationships Cause C-PTSD?
  642. Severe pain every month, is it endometriosis or birth control?
  643. Tips for Managing a Chronic Condition
  644. Dealing with Endometriosis Pain: Seeking Advice
  645. Coping with Mental Health Issues
  646. Seeking Advice on Sarcoidosis and Fibromyalgia Symptoms
  647. Struggling with ADHD: Tips for Concentration and Motivation
  648. How to tell my parents about my emetophobia?
  649. Bone Marrow Biopsy: Anesthesia or Local Anesthetic?
  650. Dealing with Hyperhidrosis: Embarrassment and Shame
  651. Dealing with Anxiety Attacks in Public
  652. What's Your Experience with Wellbutrin?
  653. How and when does it get better, life?
  654. Has anyone had the GERD wrap procedure?
  655. Coping with L5 Disc Herniation and Sitting All Day at Work
  656. Struggling with Bipolar and Borderline Diagnosis
  657. Looking for Body Washes and Natural Supplements to Help with HS Boils
  658. Chiropractic Care for EDS: Short-Term Relief or Long-Term Consequences?
  659. Ways to Treat Your Conditions: Medical, Natural, or Social?
  660. Finding Inspiration with Depression: Seeking Treatment
  661. Best Foods for Diverticulitis: A Comprehensive Guide
  662. Emergency: How Much Pain is Too Much?
  663. Natural Remedies for Scalp Psoriasis
  664. Struggling with Insulin Resistance and Weight Loss
  665. How to Stop Taking Medication: Tips and Advice
  666. Considering Medical Cannabis for My Chronic Symptoms
  667. Dealing with Depression in a Relationship
  668. Dealing with Chronic Pain: Tips and Tricks
  669. Dealing with Kidney Cancer and Stones
  670. Recent Nightmares with Shadow People
  671. Struggling with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome
  672. Tips for Traveling with Anxiety and Medication
  673. Long-term effects of anesthesia after multiple surgeries
  674. Struggling with Motivation and Passion in C-PTSD Therapy
  675. Dealing with Depression: My Daily Struggle
  676. Living with Long COVID: My Diagnosis and Experience
  677. Overcoming Driving Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  678. Seeking Validation: My Journey to an Autism Diagnosis
  679. Newly Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder: Seeking Treatment Advice
  680. Looking for the Right Anxiety Medication Combo
  681. Chronic Pain Sufferer Offering Support and Encouragement
  682. What Should I Avoid? Tips for Staying Healthy
  683. Muscle Pain and Extreme Fatigue with Psoriatic Arthritis
  684. Let's Talk About Lexapro & Abilify
  685. Coping with Triggers: Tips and Advice
  686. Irreversible Stages of Lymphedema
  687. Dealing with PTSD and Pain: Seeking Alternatives to Medication
  688. Memory problems with MCAS?
  689. How to Start Exercising with Depression: Tips for the Super Lazy
  690. Looking for a specialist to diagnose my PCOS type
  691. Bipolar and Depression: Uncontrollable Emotions
  692. Questioning my BPD diagnosis
  693. Experiences with Antidepressants and Anti-Anxiety Meds
  694. Struggling to Take My Medications
  695. Experiencing strange side effects on Propranolol
  696. Causes of Leukopenia and Neutropenia
  697. 11 Months Unmedicated: Proud but Apprehensive
  698. Help me understand my mental health symptoms
  699. Night Sweats: Should I Be Worried?
  700. Dealing with Thought Broadcasting and Anxiety
  701. Holistic remedies for diabetic neuropathy in feet
  702. Looking for Advice on Walking Aids
  703. Coping with Type 2 Diabetes
  704. Non-Medical Ways to Manage My Condition?
  705. Getting Approved for Disability Benefits with Fibromyalgia and Anxiety
  706. Looking for Better Anxiety Medication
  707. Non-Compulsive OCD Symptoms: What Are They?
  708. Breaking Free from Codependency and Anxiety
  709. Connecting with Transgender Bipolar People on Testosterone
  710. Looking for Healthcare Suggestions in a Small Town
  711. Natural remedies for UTI pain relief
  712. Living with Herpes: My Struggle and Anxiety
  713. Dealing with Body Pain after Vaccination with Lupus Nephritis
  714. Effective Weight Loss Tips and Plans
  715. Dealing with PMDD: How to Get Support from Friends and Family
  716. Non-Medical Coping Strategies
  717. Alternative Treatments for Severe Anxiety
  718. Dealing with Driving Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  719. Sudden Flare-up of Burning and Pins and Needles Sensation - Is it Common in Fibr…
  720. Metformin Side Effects: How Long Do They Last?
  721. Need advice on getting wisdom teeth and tonsils removed
  722. Abilify Side Effects: Has Anyone Experienced This?
  723. Should I Take Beta Blockers for Palpitations?
  724. How was your sacroiliitis diagnosed?
  725. Chronic Nausea and Stomach Pain Keeping Me Up at Night
  726. Small victory: I ate a whole bowl of soup
  727. Intense Abdominal Pain Twice a Year - What's Causing It?
  728. Constant Headaches and Dizziness: How to Fix It?
  729. Fibromyalgia Pain Relief: Chiropractor or Pain Meds?
  730. Looking for Buspirone experiences and side effects
  731. Tips for Improving Memory
  732. Nausea and Bowel Movements: Is it Normal?
  733. Passing Big Clots: Endometriosis Symptom?
  734. Help with Nausea: Tips and Tricks to Find Relief
  735. Tired of Taking Pills
  736. Seeking advice on medication for ADHD symptoms
  737. Has anyone tried Prozac for panic disorder?
  738. Looking for Diet Recommendations to Prevent Syncope Episodes
  739. How long does Topamax take to work for weight loss?
  740. Struggling with ADHD and feeling more like autism
  741. How to Pass a Migraine Day
  742. Struggling with Memory Loss and Seeking Advice on Therapy and Medication
  743. What Can I Do to Manage My Symptoms Better?
  744. Ativan for Anxiety: Anyone Tried It?
  745. Do I Have ADHD? How to Know for Sure
  746. Struggling with Mental Health Diagnosis
  747. Looking for Sustainable Alternatives to Adderall
  748. Tiredness on Wellbutrin: Anyone else?
  749. Tips for Supporting Each Other with Anxiety
  750. Can a Psychiatrist Take Away Diagnoses After One Visit?
  751. Dealing with IBS and Anxiety: Seeking Advice
  752. Managing Anxiety: What Can I Do?
  753. Managing Depression While in College
  754. Dark blotches on face and neck from Levothyroxine?
  755. Struggling to Maintain Employment with Chronic Illness
  756. Are PVCs a Cause for Concern?
  757. Dealing with Intense Guilt and Shame on the Autism Spectrum
  758. Dealing with Heart Palpitations: Seeking Advice
  759. Dealing with Social Anxiety: Meeting Friends After a Year
  760. Natural vs Pharmaceutical Medicine: Which is Better?
  761. Facing a Hysterectomy: Need Advice and Support
  762. Burning Pain on Top of Feet - Autoimmune or Neuropathy?
  763. Anxiety Before Sleep: Fear of Heart Attack or Stroke
  764. Overthinking due to ADHD
  765. Psych Doc Adjusts My Meds for Weight Gain
  766. Dealing with Memory Problems: Missing Out on My Children's Lives
  767. Missing My Ativan: Should I Talk to My Psychiatrist?
  768. Sleep Apnea vs Insomnia: My Experience
  769. Sudden Nausea and Burning Nerves on Paxil: Side Effect or Concern?
  770. Struggling with Weight Loss, Need Help!
  771. Looking for Support: Dealing with Anxiety Attacks
  772. New Migraine Injection: My Experience
  773. Dealing with Progressing Symptoms: Tips and Advice
  774. Tips for Cleaning a Really Bad Depression Room
  775. How to Cope with Depression and Find Contentment?
  776. How to talk to my mom about bipolar disorder?
  777. Need Help with Chronic Heartburn and Acid Reflux
  778. Seeking Advice for Scar Tissue After Foot Surgery
  779. Getting off anxiety meds: Has anyone done it successfully?
  780. Introduction and Request for CPTSD Coping Insights
  781. Weight loss on Plaquenil?
  782. Managing Chronic Illness: What Works for You?
  783. Struggling to Schedule ADHD Assessment
  784. Discovering Kratom: A Life Saver for My Anxiety, Depression, and Chronic Pain
  785. Pancreatic Stents: Help or Harm?
  786. Migraine Medications and Neurological Effects
  787. Marijuana Use: Medical or Just to be Cool?
  788. Fear of Being Judged: Does Anyone Else Feel This Way?
  789. Managing Mood Swings: Tips and Tricks
  790. Causes of sudden flair ups
  791. Covid Recovery: Struggling with Anxiety and Brain Fog
  792. Debilitating Stomach Cramps When Trying to Go to the Bathroom
  793. Struggling with Diabetes Management
  794. Pattern of Flares Before Period
  795. Connecting with Others Like Me: My ADHD and ASD Diagnosis
  796. Tips for a Low Sodium Diet
  797. Managing Depression Episodes: Tips and Tricks
  798. Understanding PTSD: Are the feelings and thoughts the same for everyone?
  799. Conquering My Fear of Needles: My First Acupuncture Experience
  800. Need Pain Relief Advice
  801. What to Say When Going for a Mental Health Evaluation
  802. Dealing with Autism Imposter Syndrome
  803. Alternatives to Medication for Mental Health
  804. Coping with the Loss of a Parent: Seeking Advice
  805. Iron Deficiency Despite High Iron Consumption
  806. Regaining Hope: Tips for Overcoming Mental Health Struggles
  807. Dating Advice for Autistic Girls with Social Anxiety
  808. Looking for Non-Medical Solutions to Improve My Mental Health
  809. In need of an emotional support buddy
  810. Can't Sleep Flat, Need Advice
  811. Looking for Alternative Medication Suggestions
  812. Starting Pelvic PT: What to Expect?
  813. Looking for ways to manage stress without medication or therapy
  814. Struggling with Depression and Finding Happiness
  815. How to Calm Panic Attacks: Tips and Tricks
  816. Sudden Anxiety: Anyone Else?
  817. Dealing with Severe Foot Pain from Fibromyalgia
  818. Tips for Losing More Weight
  819. Looking for Information on Cannabis
  820. Newly diagnosed with AS and anxious about starting Humira
  821. Understanding Splitting in Mental Health
  822. Lamictal Dosage: Morning or Night?
  823. Strawberries and Acid Reflux: A Sad Love Story
  824. Accepting a Medical Diagnosis: How Did You Cope?
  825. Tips for Calming Surgery Anxiety?
  826. Dealing with Chronic Fatigue: Seeking Advice
  827. Newly Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder: How to Recognize and Manage Mania?
  828. Looking for a new hobby after being diagnosed with Celiac
  829. Prozac and Lamictal making me tired?
  830. Recurrent Wrist Pain with EDS - Seeking Advice
  831. Dealing with Fibromyalgia Pain: My Experience
  832. Possible Causes of Intracranial Hypertension
  833. Possible pregnancy with PCOS and miracle baby hopes
  834. Getting a proper BPD diagnosis: How to overcome stigma and dismissals?
  835. Considering a Mental Health Facility: Need Opinions
  836. Hesitant to Take Zoloft for Anxiety: Need Advice
  837. How to Stop Splitting: Tips for Managing BPD Symptoms
  838. Managing Rosacea Flare-Ups and Dry Skin
  839. Suspecting Autism: What Made You Take a Step Back?
  840. Blocking or Ignoring Alters: Consequences and Risks
  841. Can Anxiety Cause Extreme Fatigue?
  842. Hypothyroidism and Birth Control: Is There a Connection?
  843. High Morning Glucose: Seeking Advice and Reasons
  844. Severe Stabbing Pains in Lower Abdomen During Diverticulitis Attack
  845. Looking for Alternatives to Suboxone for Pain Relief
  846. Struggling with Mental Health as a Single Mom
  847. Recovering from Mobility Loss: Share Your Experience
  848. Struggling with motivation on Fluoxetine
  849. Question about alters and control
  850. Describing Depression: How Would You Do It?
  851. My Experience with Bladder Instillation: Relief or a Lifetime of Catheterization…
  852. Dealing with a Possible Cancer Diagnosis
  853. Nonverbal Echolalia: Is It a Thing?
  854. Living with Multiple Chronic Symptoms and Mental Health Conditions
  855. How to Talk to a Doctor About Autism?
  856. TENS Units for Neck and Back Pain Relief
  857. Best diet for PCOS?
  858. My Journey with Myasthenia Gravis: A 20+ Year Diagnosis
  859. Controlling Anxiety at Work as a Cashier
  860. Can Anxiety Cause Confusion?
  861. Intense Pain in Finger: Vasodilatory Spasms?
  862. The Relief of Being Validated: A Journey to Diagnosis
  863. Need help with nerve pain treatment
  864. Uterine Removal for Endometriosis: Success Stories?
  865. Lamotrigine Withdrawal: What to Expect?
  866. Looking for Anxiety Support Group
  867. Starting a Mental Health Blog
  868. Living with Epilepsy: Seeking Answers
  869. Dealing with Embarrassment from Social Interactions
  870. Asking my Boyfriend to Research Bipolar 2
  871. Feeling Disconnected: Coping with Anxiety
  872. Swimmers Ear Pain Relief Needed
  873. Tips for Easing Ruptured Disc Pain in Long Distance Relationship
  874. Bad Experience in a Behavioral Hospital
  875. Morning Sugar Spike with Diabetes
  876. Confronting My Sister's Self-Diagnosis
  877. 3 Day Migraine and ADHD: Is There a Connection?
  878. Struggling with Chronic Illness: Which Conditions Should I Consider First?
  879. Vivid Nightmares Keeping Me Awake
  880. Dealing with Bipolar Disorder and Depression
  881. Improving Memory and Concentration with ADHD
  882. Struggling with Apathy: Seeking Tips for Creating Positive Emotions
  883. Questioning my OCD Diagnosis
  884. Managing Anxiety with ADHD Medication
  885. Tips for Managing Stress and Breathing Techniques
  886. Looking for non-Adderall ADD medication success stories
  887. Struggling with Medication Side Effects at Work
  888. Worsening Tics: Could it be Tourettes?
  889. Seeking Advice on Potential BPD Diagnosis and Coping Strategies
  890. Dealing with Migraines: Can Botox Help?
  891. New to the App and Struggling with Chronic Illness
  892. Managing Cardiac Symptoms: Need Advice
  893. Feeling Out of It: Causes and Solutions
  894. Starting a New Job After a Mental Break
  895. Dealing with an Awful Skin Condition
  896. Dealing with Burnout and Regression with Autism
  897. Struggling to Get Out of Bed Every Day
  898. Improving My Health Through Better Eating Habits
  899. Managing Mental Health Symptoms Without Medication
  900. Struggling with Body Issues and Weight Loss
  901. How to know if you have ASD or just overlapping symptoms?
  902. Nerve Endings Burnt: Anyone Else Experienced This?
  903. Getting Help as an Adult with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  904. Do you forget what you were doing? Join the club!
  905. Dealing with High Anxiety: Need Advice
  906. Using Topamax for Mental Health Concerns
  907. Prozac causing tics?
  908. Help with Migraines: Nothing is Working!
  909. Living with Schizophrenia: My Experience
  910. Diagnosed with Sjögren’s Syndrome at a Young Age
  911. Job Ideas for Someone with Social Anxiety
  912. Can a Weighted Blanket Help with Anxiety? Find Out Here!
  913. Struggling to Get Doctors to Listen Beyond Depression
  914. Considering Gastric Sleeve Surgery - Looking for Testimonials
  915. Choosing the Safest Anti Arrhythmic Medication
  916. Finding a New Doctor for Mental Health Prescriptions
  917. Looking for new fibromyalgia treatments
  918. Considering Having Another Child: Need Advice
  919. Managing Progression with Special Diets
  920. Seeking Pain Relief for Chronic Conditions
  921. Concerned about Thyroid Nodules Found During Ultrasound
  922. Need Help with Constipation Relief
  923. Struggling to Fall Asleep
  924. What counts as legitimate trauma?
  925. Dealing with Panic Attacks While Driving
  926. Looking for Therapy Recommendations for Anxiety, Depression, and CPTSD
  927. Struggling with Motivation and Exhaustion on Wellbutrin
  928. How did you know you had celiac/gluten sensitivity?
  929. Tips for staying motivated and organized with ADHD-PI
  930. Realizing I Might Have Autism: Seeking Advice
  931. Caring for Someone with Suicidal Thoughts
  932. What is CBD and Does it Help with Anxiety?
  933. Dealing with High Blood Pressure: Seeking Suggestions
  934. Severe Stomach Pain and Heartburn
  935. How to Track Your Progress with Anxiety
  936. Struggling with Skin Picking due to OCD
  937. Struggling with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
  938. Struggling with ADHD symptoms as an adult
  939. Struggling with Identity
  940. Anxiety Attack Over Son's Doctor Appointment
  941. Dealing with Anxiety and Chronic Pain
  942. Help! My Ear is Blocked and Hurts
  943. High Sed Rate Levels in Blood Work
  944. Feeling Overwhelmed with Health Concerns
  945. Anxiety Spikes Before My Period - Is This Normal?
  946. Coping with Depression: Tips and Tricks
  947. Transitioning on a Budget: Any Tips?
  948. Childhood Epilepsy: Anyone Else Treated Differently?
  949. Managing Fibromyalgia Pain and Fatigue
  950. Struggling to Stay Happy with My Restricted Diet
  951. What medication worked for you?
  952. Dealing with Bed Bugs After a Divorce
  953. Do I Have Vocal Tics?
  954. Managing Chronic Conditions with ADHD
  955. Self-Diagnosing ADHD: Is it Safe?
  956. New ADHD Medication and Health Issues
  957. Heart Palpitations and Leg Pain
  958. Dealing with Hashimotos: My Story and Seeking Support
  959. Struggling with Regular Showers
  960. Has anyone tried CBD for anxiety and depression?
  961. Is My Body's Sensitivity to Stress Normal?
  962. Constant Dizziness When Laying Down - Need Help!
  963. THC and Bipolar: Can it Help or Harm?
  964. Managing Depression Without Medication: Seeking Advice
  965. Dealing with Fibromyalgia Flares: Need Advice
  966. Neurologist Visit for Migraines: Nadolol and Ajovy
  967. Managing Depression and Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  968. Looking for PCOS remedies without medication
  969. Need help coping with lupus
  970. Dealing with Health Struggles: Needing Support
  971. Dealing with Intrusive Thoughts in OCD: Tips Needed
  972. Large Ovarian Cyst in Endo Patients
  973. Best insulin for diabetes treatment?
  974. How to regulate body temperature without sweating?
  975. Considering Going Off My Medication
  976. Scared to Stop Working: Tips for Staying Active with Disability
  977. Sleep Seizures and Daytime Effects
  978. My Experience with Ketamine Treatment for Fibro Pain
  979. Struggling to Fall Asleep, Need Help!
  980. Feeling Stuck on Lexapro
  981. Has anyone had a Pleurodesis?
  982. Need help with weight loss after kidney transplant
  983. Dealing with Extreme Dissociation: Tips and Support
  984. Feeling Stifled by My Specialist: Lupus Symptoms
  985. How to deal with someone who doesn't believe my diagnosis?
  986. Looking for friends who understand my DID system
  987. Update on Ketamine: My Consultation Experience
  988. Long-term Buspirone Use: Experiences?
  989. Confused about my seizures, seeking advice
  990. Overthinking Tampon Use: Could it be TSS?
  991. Communicating Chronic Illness Uncertainty with Employer
  992. Looking for Recommendations on Fibromyalgia Medications
  993. Looking for Fibromyalgia Medication Alternatives
  994. Buspirone for Panic Attacks: How Long Does It Take to Work?
  995. Is My Autism Getting Worse or Am I More Aware?
  996. Managing MCAS Symptoms in the Heat
  997. Struggling to Lose Weight Despite Exercise and Diet Changes
  998. Seeking advice for managing ADHD without medication
  999. Dealing with Elbow Subluxations/Dislocations
  1000. Alternative Ways to Manage Mental Health Issues
  1001. Seeking Medication Recommendations
  1002. The Struggle with PCOS: What's the Biggest Challenge?
  1003. Struggling with Depression: Any Tips?
  1004. Looking for information on PTSD
  1005. Struggling to get a BPD diagnosis
  1006. Struggling with Time Perception - Any Tips?
  1007. Desperate for Back Pain Relief
  1008. Struggling with Health Issues: Seeking Understanding
  1009. Next steps for non-epileptic seizures?
  1010. Looking for a PCOS Specialist in Ohio
  1011. Struggling with Mental Illness: Seeking Advice
  1012. Dealing with Celexa Side Effects: Memory Loss and Tremors
  1013. Confused about my mental health diagnosis
  1014. Avoiding Panic: How Do You Cope?
  1015. Tips for Reducing Anxiety and Blood Pressure?
  1016. Food options during GP flares?
  1017. Dealing with Post-Eating Nausea and Vomiting
  1018. Dealing with a Cancer Diagnosis in the Family
  1019. Burgers and Bummed Stomachs
  1020. Alternative ways to manage anxiety without medication
  1021. Starting ADHD Treatment: Seeking Advice
  1022. Dealing with Symptoms and Side Effects
  1023. Fear of Losing My Job Due to Mental Health Disorder
  1024. Is My Body Weight Normal?
  1025. Feeling Vegged Out on Zolaf for Anxiety and PMDD
  1026. Dealing with Unexplained Allergic Reactions
  1027. Looking for Hybrid Ablation Experiences
  1028. Dealing with Aggressive Eczema: Need Advice
  1029. Considering Surgery for Herniated Disc
  1030. Alternative Ways to Manage Mental Health?
  1031. Looking for ADHD Medication Alternatives
  1032. Struggling with Stomach Issues and Needing Advice
  1033. How to get diagnosed with ADHD?
  1034. Need help with curbing my sweet tooth for weight loss
  1035. Best Medication for Anger Management
  1036. Mysterious Flare-Ups: Seeking Answers
  1037. Dealing with Rejection Sensitivity
  1038. Dealing with a week-long migraine
  1039. Navigating the Challenges of Working with D.I.D.
  1040. Finding Support for Depression and Anxiety
  1041. Struggling with Blood Sugar Levels Despite Weight Loss and Exercise
  1042. Struggling with Hypermobility Syndrome and Finding Activities to Do Outside
  1043. Maxed Out Medication Doses for Epileptic Seizures: What Happens Next?
  1044. How to Communicate Extreme Exhaustion to Your Partner?
  1045. Dealing with Withdrawal and Addiction
  1046. Anti-Anxiety Meds and My Sex Life
  1047. Scared to Increase Seizure Medication
  1048. Can't Sleep, Need Help!
  1049. Struggling with Infertility and Marriage
  1050. Unexpected Side Effects of Medication
  1051. Dealing with Neurofibromatosis and Low Self Esteem
  1052. Looking for PMDD Treatment Advice
  1053. Dealing with Unstable Blood Sugar Levels
  1054. Starting Hydroxyzine: Looking for Experiences
  1055. Symptoms of Depression, Anxiety, or ADHD?
  1056. Looking for Birth Control Options to Help with PMDD Symptoms
  1057. Managing Autism: Beyond Medication
  1058. Headaches and Nausea on Buspar: Anyone Else?
  1059. Heavy Bleeding and Clots During Menstruation
  1060. Alternatives to Medication for Boosting Self-Esteem
  1061. Struggling with Identifying Alters and Alexithymia
  1062. Struggling with Depression Despite Positive Changes
  1063. Alternative Treatments for Common Conditions
  1064. Rejected Medical Referral - Seeking Advice
  1065. Looking for Answers About Graves and Thyroid Removal
  1066. CRPS and Digestive Issues: Seeking Advice
  1067. Dealing with OCD and Intrusive Thoughts about Cheating
  1068. Constant Hand Washing Due to OCD
  1069. Seeking advice on treatments
  1070. Struggling with Self-love and Chronic Asthma
  1071. Struggling with OCD and ADHD
  1072. Managing Adderall Addiction During Stressful Times
  1073. Dealing with Chronic Pain Caused by Tourette's Tics
  1074. Blisters and Peeling Skin on Fingertips
  1075. Lumbar Fusion Recovery Pain: How Long is Normal?
  1076. Struggling with Self-Regulation as an Autistic Person
  1077. Coping with Social Anxiety in Busy Places
  1078. Need help with GERD symptoms
  1079. Seeking advice on possible hEDS diagnosis
  1080. Struggling to Sleep at Night, Any Remedies?
  1081. Scared about upcoming labs
  1082. Too Many Doctors to See: Is It Normal?
  1083. Dealing with Nausea from Medication
  1084. IBS and Correlated Illnesses: What Else is Affecting You?
  1085. Struggling with Depression and Relationship Complications
  1086. Hot Tea for Anxiety: What Kind Works Best?
  1087. Recognizing Illness: How Did You Know Your Body Was Sick?
  1088. Relief for Severe Menstrual Cramps and Nausea?
  1089. Combining Prozac and Buproprion: Need Advice
  1090. Struggling with Communication During Flare-Ups
  1091. Should I Get a Shoulder Replacement Surgery at 17?
  1092. Recovering from Strokes Without Insurance
  1093. How to stop hair pulling when anxious?
  1094. Early Recovery and Increased Appetite: Is This Normal?
  1095. Natural Remedies for Anxiety and Depression
  1096. Can Medications Make You Dependent?
  1097. Managing Symptoms: Tips and Tricks
  1098. Dealing with Chronic Fatigue: Tips for Getting Up in the Morning
  1099. Living with Chronic Illness: Does it Get Better or Worse?
  1100. Joint Pain with IBD: Negative RA Tests
  1101. Advice for Overcoming Social Anxiety and Isolation
  1102. Looking for Diabetes Support and Connections
  1103. Dealing with Food Related Mood Swings
  1104. Tips for being productive with ADD?
  1105. Struggling with Coping Mechanisms
  1106. PCOS Diagnosis and Hysterectomy: Seeking Advice
  1107. Limited Access to Medical Treatment
  1108. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  1109. Help! Boils in my groin area
  1110. Looking for Stroke Recovery Tips and Stories
  1111. Do you ever feel like a hypochondriac?
  1112. Dealing with PTSD Paranoia
  1113. Starting My Weight Loss Journey: Tips Needed!
  1114. How to Combat Fatigue from Depression?
  1115. Struggling with PCOS and Fertility: Need Advice
  1116. Feeling Trapped in Your Head Due to Anxiety?
  1117. Driving Anxiety: Panic in Tight Lanes
  1118. Realizing You Have Depression: How to Cope
  1119. Uncomfortable Air Bubble Beneath My Ribs
  1120. Food Intolerance: When Your Body Betrays You
  1121. Advice on improving communication with alters in DID
  1122. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  1123. Confusing Symptoms: Could it be Anxiety or Something More?
  1124. Considering a Service Dog for Mental Health Support
  1125. What to Eat with Gastroparesis: Tips and Ideas
  1126. Struggling with Ulcerative Colitis at 16
  1127. Uncontrollable Facial Twitching and Swollen Tongue
  1128. Struggling with Work-Life Balance: Need Advice
  1129. How to Overcome Insecurity at a Young Age?
  1130. Fair Rides and POTS: Can I Ride Safely?
  1131. Living with ADHD: My Journey
  1132. Dealing with Imposter Syndrome and Chronic Illness
  1133. Living a Healthier Life After a Heart Attack
  1134. Exploring Medication Options for PTSD
  1135. Struggling with Hashimoto's Symptoms
  1136. Do I Have Reynauds Syndrome?
  1137. Understanding Autism: Common Symptoms and Signs
  1138. How did you discover your Autism diagnosis?
  1139. Family Life Affected by Tics: Should I Speak to My Neurologist?
  1140. Struggling to reconcile my spiritual experiences with my mental health diagnosis
  1141. Opinions on Newly Prescribed Medication
  1142. Coping with Dissociation: Tips and Tricks
  1143. How to Settle an Upset Stomach: Tips and Tricks
  1144. Is it possible to outgrow ADHD?
  1145. Dealing with Insomnia: Any Tips?
  1146. How to Overcome Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  1147. Dealing with Breast Pain: How to Talk to Your Doctor
  1148. Gabapentin for Fibromyalgia: Experiences?
  1149. Finding Support and Advice for Mental Health Diagnoses
  1150. Recommendations for Using a Wheelchair?
  1151. Dealing with GI Issues: Can Anyone Help Me Figure Out My Triggers?
  1152. Dealing with OCD: Seeking Advice
  1153. Switching from DULOXETINE to Zoloft: Need Advice
  1154. Living with ADHD and Caffeine Intolerance: Feeling Alone and Untreatable
  1155. Balancing College and Crohn's: Tips and Advice
  1156. Anxiety and PTSD: Am I Crazy?
  1157. Feeling like I'm making it up
  1158. Overcoming Social Anxiety: Tips for Making Friends
  1159. Taking high doses of Vyvanse and Wellbutrin together
  1160. Struggling to Explain My Anxiety Symptoms
  1161. Dealing with Nausea and Loss of Appetite from New Medication
  1162. Undiagnosed Illness and Feeling Like a Fraud
  1163. Dealing with Kidney Stones: My Experience and Struggles
  1164. Vision getting fogged up by colors
  1165. Parenting with Chronic Fatigue: Tips for Tired Moms and Dads
  1166. What tests were done to get your rheumatology diagnosis?
  1167. Struggling with Food Aversion
  1168. Low Blood Sugar with Chronic Illnesses
  1169. Struggling with Chronic Pain and No Diagnosis
  1170. Looking for advice on weight loss options
  1171. Talking to Parents About Mental Health
  1172. Tips for Improving Memory Retention
  1173. Living with Bipolar Disorder: Will I Always Feel Like Two Different People?
  1174. Do alters remember events from my past that I don't?
  1175. Dealing with Anxiety and Vitamin D Deficiency
  1176. Dealing with PCOS Diagnosis and Hormone Therapy as a Transmasc Person
  1177. Testing Positive for HSV2: Worried About My Kid
  1178. Common Symptoms of POTS: How to Identify Them
  1179. Struggling with Body Image on Paxil
  1180. Medication and Addiction: Seeking Advice
  1181. GERD Flare-ups with Prozac Capsules
  1182. Hormonal Changes and Diagnosis in Women
  1183. Is it Bipolar or Depression?
  1184. Struggling with BPD: Seeking Advice on Progression and Treatment
  1185. Excessive Research on Symptoms: Harmful or Helpful?
  1186. Need help managing my type 2 diabetes
  1187. Struggling with Motivation: ADHD and Depression
  1188. Managing Fibromyalgia Pain: Need Suggestions
  1189. Alternative Treatments for Rheumatoid Arthritis?
  1190. Dealing with Severe Arthritis Pain
  1191. Dealing with Social Anxiety and Trust Issues
  1192. Inner Voices: Am I Alone?
  1193. Tips for Staying Hydrated and Avoiding Kidney Stones
  1194. How to discuss ADHD concerns with your doctor
  1195. Struggling to Keep Up with Symptom Tracking
  1196. Do you feel like you have bipolar superpowers?
  1197. Introducing Myself: Struggling with Depression and Anxiety
  1198. Do Autistic People Struggle to See Resemblance Between People and Animals?
  1199. First Gynecologist Exam Coming Up
  1200. Working with Fibromyalgia: Is it Possible?
  1201. Tips for Making Friends as an Adult with Health Conditions
  1202. How to Tell if Your Condition is Getting Worse
  1203. Possible MS Diagnosis - Seeking Feedback
  1204. Managing Diabetes After 50: Counting Carbs and Testing Sugar Levels
  1205. Can Too Much Sun Affect Fibromyalgia?
  1206. Diagnosed with Functional Movement Disorder, but it doesn't feel right
  1207. Looking for a diet lifestyle that works
  1208. Need Help with Digestive Problems and Vitamins
  1209. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  1210. Tips for Overcoming Anxiety: A Guide to Finding Peace of Mind
  1211. Could I be Bipolar? Sudden Mood Swings and Anger Bursts
  1212. Tips for seeing a new psychiatrist after a long break?
  1213. Nausea and Repulsion to Bacon in the Morning
  1214. Struggling to Find Safe Foods
  1215. Struggling with Consistency in Working Out and Eating
  1216. Dealing with Upset Stomach from Rybelsus
  1217. Exercising with Chronic Illness: How Much is Too Much?
  1218. Weird GI Issues: Throwing Up, Indigestion, and Acid Reflux
  1219. Nausea and Repulsion to Bacon in the Morning
  1220. Dealing with a Fear of Swallowing Food
  1221. Forgetting to Take My Asthma Medication
  1222. Getting Stuck in My Head: What's Going On?
  1223. Struggling with Mental Health: Seeking Advice
  1224. Realizing I Have PTSD: A Late Discovery
  1225. Resting Heart Rates with Overactive Thyroids
  1226. Struggling with Cleaning Due to ADHD
  1227. Accutane Side Effects: Fever Blisters and Burning Lotion
  1228. Worried About Running Out of Mental Health Medication Options
  1229. Exploring Microdosing for Chronic Pain Relief
  1230. Looking for Chronic Pain Relief Ideas
  1231. Just diagnosed with FND, feeling lost and alone
  1232. Dealing with frequent PVCs and anxiety
  1233. Menthol Patch Disaster: Fibro/CRPS Nerve Pain
  1234. Coping with Diagnosis and Other Health Questions
  1235. Struggling with Insomnia: Need Help!
  1236. What are your most common autistic traits?
  1237. Dealing with Restless Leg Syndrome
  1238. Headache after starting seizure medication
  1239. Managing Chronic Conditions: Tips and Tricks
  1240. Looking for remedies to combat fatigue
  1241. Experiencing Lupus Symptoms, Seeking Advice
  1242. Unhealthy Food Habits: Need Advice
  1243. Crying for Emotional Release: Does it Work?
  1244. Looking for Tips on Managing My Skin Condition
  1245. Struggling to Form Relationships with Mental and Physical Illness
  1246. Looking for Friends with Similar Autism Traits
  1247. Dealing with CPTSD as an Autistic Person
  1248. Struggling with Eating Habits
  1249. Discovering Panic and Anxiety Attacks
  1250. Struggling with Alter Communication
  1251. Managing Communication Without a Therapist
  1252. PMDD and Inflammation: Joint and Nerve Pain during Luteal Phase
  1253. Walking without pain: alternatives to hip surgery
  1254. Struggling with Weight Loss and Eating Disorder Recovery
  1255. Chronic Pain and Clicking in Joints
  1256. My Hyperthyroidism Diagnosis: A Personal Account
  1257. Debilitating TMJ Flare Ups: Seeking Tips and Tricks
  1258. Managing Medication Side Effects: Weight Gain
  1259. Options for Medication Resistant Major Depressive Disorder
  1260. How to Tell If Your Condition Is Getting Worse
  1261. Worsening Seizures: What Should I Expect?
  1262. Looking for experiences with duloxetine for fibro/ME
  1263. Dealing with Therapy Anxiety: Tips and Advice
  1264. Need Hobbies to Fight Depression and Bipolar Mood Swings
  1265. Anxiety and Feeling Disconnected from Yourself
  1266. Mini Stroke Recovery: Upper Arm Crutches or Regular Cane?
  1267. Questioning Reality: Gaslighting Yourself
  1268. Tips for cutting back on stress smoking
  1269. How to Stop Nail Biting?
  1270. Confused about my DID diagnosis
  1271. Understanding Stage Four Sleep
  1272. Dealing with CPTSD as an Autistic Person
  1273. Affordable Therapy for a Struggling College Student
  1274. My Hyperthyroidism Diagnosis: A Personal Account
  1275. Have You Ever Been Misdiagnosed by a Doctor?
  1276. Advice for Dealing with Migraines?
  1277. Dealing with Imposter Syndrome after Fibromyalgia Diagnosis
  1278. How do I know if I have severe anxiety?
  1279. Seeking Validation for Being a Little with Only One Alter
  1280. What medications are people taking?
  1281. Pokemon Smile app for better dental hygiene
  1282. Just got diagnosed with EDS, what now?
  1283. Navigating Healthcare is a Nightmare
  1284. Heat and Migraines: How Do You Cope?
  1285. Need advice on getting my doctors to listen about my heart rate
  1286. Need advice on birth control options
  1287. Chiropractic Treatment for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Migraines
  1288. When were you diagnosed with IBS?
  1289. Experiences with Anxiety Medication?
  1290. Managing Anxiety in Stressful Environments
  1291. Starting Therapy: What to Expect?
  1292. Struggling to Sleep: Any Tips?
  1293. Need advice on getting referred to a cardiologist for POTS
  1294. Switching Medications for Anxiety
  1295. Looking for ADHD Medication Recommendations
  1296. Coping with Depression, Anxiety, and Skin Issues
  1297. Need Help with Cymbalta Withdrawals
  1298. Looking for advice on following a diabetic diet in the US
  1299. Struggling with Long Covid: Any Tips?
  1300. Medication Effects on Overall Well-being
  1301. Prozac and Acid Reflux: Anyone Else?
  1302. Experiences with Migraine Preventive Medicines
  1303. Overcoming HIV and Foster Care: My Story
  1304. Effects of ADHD Medication: Depression, Appetite, and Sleep
  1305. Can't Sleep After Vacation and Room is a Mess
  1306. Need advice for managing lower back pain
  1307. Looking for Lower Back Pain Relief Tips
  1308. Confused about my medications
  1309. Remedies for slow motility and digestion after IBS diagnosis?
  1310. Is Therapy Worth the Cost for ESA Approval?
  1311. Help with identifying my skin condition
  1312. Dealing with Anxiety Nausea
  1313. Looking for Support and Connection After ASD Diagnosis
  1314. Possible Dyslexia: Confused and Unsure
  1315. Looking for Chew Toys
  1316. The Love-Hate Relationship with ADHD
  1317. Dealing with TMJ: Seeking Advice
  1318. Forgetting Symptoms Before Doctor's Visit
  1319. Feeling like a fraud with my tics
  1320. Trouble Walking and Overthinking with Possible MS Diagnosis
  1321. Recovering from GI Bleed: Need Quick Bland Diet Meal Suggestions
  1322. Intermittent Fasting and COVID Recovery
  1323. Feeling Stunted: Struggling with Mental Health and Identity
  1324. Starting New Medication, Need Advice
  1325. Looking for Scoliosis Treatment Options
  1326. Struggling to Breathe: Seeking Advice
  1327. Dealing with Nausea from Gastroparesis
  1328. Can't Get ADHD Meds: What Now?
  1329. Has anyone tried naltrexone?
  1330. Could I be approaching menopause?
  1331. Seeking New Friends for Support and Conversation
  1332. Living with Fibromyalgia: Coping with Pain and Uncertainty
  1333. Feeling Disconnected and Overthinking
  1334. Dealing with Pseudoseizures: Seeking Advice
  1335. Heavy Periods and Debilitating Cramps: Seeking Advice
  1336. Struggling with PMDD and Depression: Need Coping Mechanisms
  1337. How to treat asthma effectively?
  1338. How do I tell my friends I'm autistic?
  1339. ADHD and Insomnia: Can ADHD be causing my sleep problems?
  1340. Dealing with Intimacy Anxiety in a Relationship
  1341. Struggling with Flip-Flops and Drop Foot
  1342. Struggling with Depression Medication
  1343. Exploring Atypical Autism: Seeking Insight and Treatment
  1344. Struggling with Taking Medication
  1345. Tapering off medication: Help or Harm?
  1346. Desperate for Psoriasis Scalp Remedies
  1347. Struggling with Bipolar: When Meds and Therapy Fail
  1348. Struggling with Focus and Attention: Seeking Help for Possible ADD
  1349. Struggling with Medication: Seeking Advice
  1350. Struggling with Sleep: Any Suggestions?
  1351. Feeling Disassociated: Is it Normal?
  1352. My Experience with Behavioral Healthcare
  1353. Dealing with Obsessions in OCD
  1354. Muscle Soreness in Left Arm: Is it Fibromyalgia?
  1355. Struggling to Connect: Autism and Finding Love
  1356. Developing Multiple Autoimmune Issues
  1357. Feeling tired and dizzy, need advice
  1358. Dealing with HPV and Lichen Sclerosus: Tips Needed
  1359. The Struggle of Dealing with Air Quality and Health Issues
  1360. Living with Herniated Disc in Neck for Over 10 Years
  1361. Alternative Treatments for Fluid Buildup?
  1362. Opinions on Insulin Pumps
  1363. Dealing with Future Memories
  1364. Dealing with Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  1365. Newly Diagnosed with Lupus: What's Next?
  1366. Coffee and Panic Attacks: Is There a Connection?
  1367. Looking for a Pillow to Help with Migraines
  1368. Migraines from Buspar, any suggestions?
  1369. Dealing with Overstimulation: Tips and Advice
  1370. Desperate for Migraine Pain Relief in Neck and Shoulders
  1371. Cure for Visual Snow Syndrome: Is it Possible?
  1372. Natural Remedies for Managing Blood Pressure
  1373. ER Visit for Severe Pain with No Diagnosis
  1374. Introduction of a Polyfragmented System with DID
  1375. Feeling Disappointed with My Doctors' Efforts to Help Me
  1376. Anxiety during confrontation: Am I alone?
  1377. Possible Narcolepsy Symptoms - Seeking Advice
  1378. Hyperfixation on Cleaning: A Common Symptom of Depression?
  1379. High Heart Rate in Heat: How to Manage?
  1380. Rib Pain and Anxiety: Is it Just Me?
  1381. Wellbutrin for ADHD, Anxiety and Depression?
  1382. Choosing Between IUD and Implant for Birth Control
  1383. Struggling with Panic Attacks and Nausea
  1384. Best Foods and Supplements for Slowing Psoriasis Skin Conditions
  1385. Struggling with Adopting Different Personalities
  1386. Struggling with Sleepiness on Strattera
  1387. Looking for Additional Support for Mental Health
  1388. Looking for Others with Epilepsy
  1389. Discovering the Link Between Fibromyalgia and Vitamin D Deficiency
  1390. Concerns about Accessing Contraceptives for Hormonal Regulation
  1391. Looking for Online Mental Health Diagnosis
  1392. Going off antidepressants/mood stabilizers with bipolar II
  1393. Looking for Others with Cerebral Palsy
  1394. Struggling with Eczema: Need Advice
  1395. Recently Diagnosed with Invasive Breast Cancer - Seeking Support
  1396. Can't Smell and Worried About Safety
  1397. Unusual Sleeping Patterns: Need Advice
  1398. Possible Bipolar Disorder, Seeking Advice
  1399. How to Beat the Heat and Get Some Sleep?
  1400. Need advice on how to stop my body from rejecting food
  1401. First DBT Group Therapy Session: What to Expect?
  1402. Dealing with Vivid Flashbacks at Work
  1403. Endometriosis Surgery Scheduled
  1404. Struggling with Work Due to My Condition
  1405. How to curb sugar cravings?
  1406. Dealing with Lupus Nephritis Diagnosis: Need Advice
  1407. Driving Anxiety: Panic Attacks in Crowded Places
  1408. Dealing with Dissociation: My Experience
  1409. Choosing to Suffer: When is it Justified?
  1410. Coping with Panic Attacks During Exams
  1411. Struggling with Insomnia, Need Advice
  1412. Sudden Joint Pain: Any Ideas?
  1413. Coping with a Mental Health Diagnosis at a Young Age
  1414. Living with Constant Back Pain After Spine Surgery
  1415. Managing Blood Sugar with Health Issues and Medications
  1416. Concerned about maintaining normal blood pressure
  1417. Need advice for muscle and joint pain relief
  1418. Dealing with Tachycardia and Anxiety
  1419. Need advice for doctor's appointment tomorrow
  1420. Is this disassociation?
  1421. Feeling Embarrassed and Stuck in My Comfort Zone
  1422. Low TSH despite stable levothyroxine level
  1423. Therapist calling alters 'parts' instead of 'alters'
  1424. Exercising with Joint Pain: Need Suggestions
  1425. How to Handle Body Odor from Arm Pits?
  1426. Coping with Chronic Pain: How to Feel Less Alone
  1427. Help! Can't Find a Diagnosis for My Tremors
  1428. How Long Does it Take to See Improvement After POTS Diagnosis?
  1429. Struggling with Depression and Hygiene
  1430. Polyfragmented DID - What is it?
  1431. Does taking Effexor at the same time everyday matter?
  1432. How to Overcome Social Anxiety?
  1433. Anxious anticipation is taking over my life
  1434. How to Monitor Back Pain Progression?
  1435. How Can I Prevent Anxiety and Keep Calm During Stress?
  1436. Advice on Trying for Kids with Endo?
  1437. Weird pains in my ribs, anyone know what this is?
  1438. Managing Black and White Thinking in Daily Life
  1439. Struggling to Get Doctors to Take My Symptoms Seriously
  1440. Looking for an alternative to Elmiron
  1441. Moving out at 18 before college: seeking advice
  1442. Weather and Chronic Illness
  1443. Uncommon Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder
  1444. Struggling with Insomnia After Brain Injury
  1445. How to Stop Masking and Be Myself?
  1446. Feeling Disconnected from My Past
  1447. Confused about my epilepsy type
  1448. Experiencing Dissociation Symptoms: Seeking Advice
  1449. Questioning my Lupus Diagnosis after Years
  1450. Struggling with Object Permanence
  1451. Amnesia between alters: Should I see a specialist?
  1452. Overcoming Social Anxiety: How Do I Get Started?
  1453. Alters and Different Conditions
  1454. Struggling with Insomnia and Parenting
  1455. Managing ASD and Relationships: Tips Needed
  1456. Coping with Depression and Anxiety Spikes
  1457. Experiencing Physical Side Effects from Adderall
  1458. Intense Fear: Does Anyone Else Experience This?
  1459. Struggling with CHS and Quitting Smoking
  1460. Tips for Taking Care of Your Mental Health
  1461. Looking for Natural Remedies for Medical Conditions
  1462. Daith Piercing for Migraines: Does it Work?
  1463. Dealing with Migraines in Grad School
  1464. Looking for PCOS Treatment Advice
  1465. Struggling with Communication Despite Medication
  1466. Enlarged Lymph Nodes - Seeking Advice
  1467. How to deal with my fear of blood?
  1468. Chronic Abdominal Pain: What Could It Be?
  1469. Dealing with Chronic Joint/Muscle Pain
  1470. Eligibility for Disability Benefits Due to Migraines and Depression
  1471. Using Birth Control for Perimenopause Symptoms and Prevention
  1472. Dealing with Chronic Pain at Work
  1473. Ritalin vs Concerta: What's the Difference?
  1474. Do I Have Trichotillomania? Need Advice!
  1475. Dealing with Migraines: Seeking Advice
  1476. Non-Medication Solutions for Mental Health?
  1477. Tips for Coping with Insomnia and Vivid Nightmares?
  1478. Anxiety and Eating: Does Anyone Else Struggle?
  1479. Follow-up for Celiac Diagnosis: Specialist or PC?
  1480. Autism and Gender Identity: Is There a Connection?
  1481. Struggling with GI Issues for 5 Months - Need Advice
  1482. Signs You May Need Mobility Aids
  1483. Dealing with Anxiety Attacks Alone: Need Advice
  1484. Dealing with Crowd Anxiety
  1485. Struggling with PCOS and weight gain
  1486. Anxiety at Work Due to COVID-19 Positive Colleague
  1487. Young and on Disability: Anyone Else?
  1488. Finding Therapy in Unexpected Places
  1489. New to Migraines, Need Advice
  1490. Natural ways to combat hormonal acne?
  1491. Exploring Alternative Treatments for My Condition
  1492. Need advice for chronic inflammation
  1493. Scoliosis Surgery: Thoughts?
  1494. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  1495. 21 y/o Female's Journey with a Medical Diagnosis
  1496. Dealing with BPD in a Relationship
  1497. Tips for Losing Weight Safely and Effectively
  1498. Anyone else experiencing twitching from Celexia?
  1499. Should I take the COVID vaccine for a job?
  1500. Feeling Overwhelmed and Panicked Lately
  1501. Should I Be Worried About MCAS?
  1502. Confused about having a psychotic disorder
  1503. Lavender Oil for Anxiety: Does it Work?
  1504. Looking for Advice on Coping with Schizophrenia and Work
  1505. Ways to Improve Mental Health Without Medication
  1506. Struggling with Anxiety in New Uni Apartment
  1507. Starting the Conversation for a Proper Diagnosis
  1508. Struggling after spinal fusion surgery, seeking advice
  1509. Managing Multiple Health Conditions: How Do They Clash?
  1510. TMJ and Oral Sex: Can Anyone Relate?
  1511. POTS and Thyroid Issues: Anyone Else?
  1512. What do your flashbacks look like?
  1513. Connecting with Others Who Have Similar Medical Experiences
  1514. Looking for alternatives to Benadryl for nausea relief
  1515. Struggling to Keep My Room Tidy
  1516. Need help with glucose machine readings
  1517. Service Dogs for POTS: Worth the Cost?