How do I explain to someone that consistently won't belive me even though I have proof of diagnosis?

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  • Tastycupcakes


    You accept this person is a waste of energy. They can 'not believe' in a diagnosis all they want but all they are showing is that this isn't someone you can come to, with your problems.

  • Skye29


    If they don't believe facts they are too far up on mount stupid to convince. If it were me I would tell them if they won't believe a diagnosis then there's no sense in using more energy on convincing them.

  • MarySol


    I am proof that treatment helps and some won't hear me. There are insane misconceptions. I think people don't believe it is real. It is very painful and I sought to hide it because I didn't know what was wrong with me.

  • 100Percent_K


    You don’t. No amount of you trying to explain it will make them choose to believe. Some things aren’t worth your energy.

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