I tested positive for covid yesterday and i’m worried that i’ll develop severe symptoms because i’m on prednisone. Has anyone else had covid while on it? I was on 40mg but I’ve been tapering and now I’m down to 20mg. I’m 21 years old and generally healthy. Also how long did it take you to recover?





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  • BellaDonna978


    🙏 Take care of yourself

  • HorseFeathers


    I had it a few weeks ago and I'm immunocompromised as a transplant patient. Just even more extreme fatigue than usual for a few days. Don't panic. Rest. Stay isolated. And don't be afraid to contact your doctor if you need to.

  • Mashka


    Main thing about Covid is people get sick with pneumonia, and main reason people tend to die from it because they stop moving and so that fluid doesn't leave the lungs and you end up suffocating. AND Funny thing about asthma inhalers is they actually have steroids in it, which helps to open up the airways, thus may help the breathing. I've had friends tell me their seasonal allergies are worse than covid. Just make sure not to lay around all the time and move and let your lungs breathe, cough up the mucus, try not to swallow it, it does upset a stomachif you do and can make you extra nauseous, and stay away from ibuprofen for pain, take Tylenol instead. You'll be fine. Also, why are you on such high prednisone at such age in the first place? You shouldn't be taking that much for longer than 3 months at most or you'll end up with really bad complications. Prednisone is used to help a recovery usually, but that dosage for daily use is very dangerous...also, if running fever, cold wet rag compress at the base of back of your neck and between your shoulder blades rotate it over your forehead and eacg side of your neck, will help you cool down and bring blood pressure. Don't forget prednisone is also anti-inflammatory, so you cannot! take another anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen, and Tylenol is a different class drug mostly as just a pain killer, but also don't overdo that one either as it affects your liver just as prednisone. Sooo...I'd cut down prednisone, as you mentioned, walk around as much as you can, take Tylenol only if needed for aches and pains, as steroids already works as anti-inflammatory and a painkiller, so I'd suggest no more than 500-1000mg of Tylenol at most a day, don't push for 1500mg.

  • Anim


    In any infection with Addison disease you should double or triple the daily dose not lowering the hydrocortisone.

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