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Anyone else who hasn’t been “officially” diagnosed always have that conflicting feeling that “oh I’m just lazy” despite actually feeling sick all the time and it preventing you from productive things even when you are mentally motivated.

    • emilie_b


      i have struggled with this a lot. my diagnosis currently is Juvenile Arthritis but my rheumatologist knows it’s going to end up being a form of lupus. i have almost even symptom. butterfly rash, hair thinning, joint pain, mouth sores, you name it. it almost feels invalidating. i know it’s not the doctors fault that my markers are negative but i always feel bad telling people i have lupus without the official diagnosis but i also know this is effecting me so much more than juvenile arthritis. i always feel like i’m not doing enough or not working hard enough for my age. a lot of that is really just from my head. i know i’m doing as much as i can but it always feels like i should be able to do more. i’m trying so hard to be patient with myself but it’s really hard when i can’t do everything i want to. i am always willing to talk about all sorts of stuff if you ever just need a friend!



      Before I had an official diagnosis I struggled with this a lot. I'm super young too so that didn't help. Young people are suppose to feel good and have energy. I didn't. I still struggle even with a diagnosis. Be kind to yourself ❤️ know that you are not lazy. Your body is different from others. You have to do what's best for you.

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