has anyone found anything to alleviate this dreaded cough? I've been coughing 12 years following an upper respiratory infection. I've been tested for everything; all normal/negative. Even though my tests were negative I've been treated prophylactically with zero relief. I don't cough when I sleep.




Chronic cough


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  • Magnus


    I have the same condition and this could be chronic neurogenic cough. There is a fairly new treatment called superior laryngeal nerve block that can treat neurogenic cough. I'm considering this option

  • Pudder


    Gabapentin has been effective for some. Amitriptyline is another option to try. Neither of these worked well for me but has for others. I take 75mg of Tramadal 4x a day to calm my cough but it's difficult to find a doctor to prescribe it for an extended time.

  • debbietimtom


    I also have had a cough fir over 20 years now. Been tested years ago for asthma, Gerd, acid reflux, chest xrays, endoscopy and all fine. Diagnosed with idiopathic cough as nothing worked. Had breast cancer 3 years ago and now my lung has slight scarring after radiotherapy which has made my cough worse. Stand up, walking up a flight of stairs I will cough my guts up. In the process of trialling various inhalers which to date have jot helped. Had covid last year which set me back a bit just would like to hear other people's treatment if anything helps even a tiny bit I will try anything. I also bring up clear mucus when I cough. Thanks

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