can treating this help with my anxiety? I'm on meds for anxiety but it just doesn't feel like it's helping enough there. I'm finding it really hard to focus and get things done.

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  • Boston23


    Have you gotten tested for adhd, I thought it was anxiety to, but then realized I was still hyper and emotional got tested snd diagnosed last Aug and stopped taking the anxiety pill cause I was no longer anxious while taking adhd medicine I would def check

  • Fullyonthemove


    Yes, because your difficulties from the adhd can cauSe anxiety indirectly…. Falling behind on deadlines, forgeting things, being unorganized And losing things… having trouble keeping up with conversations going on around you… etc etc

  • Cindyg88


    I was miss diagnosed as Bipolar disorder and given lithium for 5 years. The meds really screwed my body up. I was miss diagnosed because of the depression and anxiety I was going through because of my ADHD.

  • Herbalist


    Sounds like a similarity to how I used to be. I supplement with Magnesium at night to calm my nerves, better sleep and more calmness in the morning. Then throughout the day, based on my brain feeling foggy, or not focused I take Phosphatidylserine/Bacopa and or Lions Mane with Cordyceps. It helps me focus better and have more brain energy without crashing as much throughout the day. (DO NOT TAKE WITH MEDS FOR ANXIETY/DEPRESSION/ADHD BEFORE RESEARCHING THE INTERACTIONS IT WILL HAVE) If you try and disregard that message I just gave and take something, it can cause a serotonin crash. Very dangerous!

  • aries02


    I have anxiety in addiction to adhd. You would think adderall would be bad since it’s a stimulant, but i can honestly say it is the only thing that has ever HELPED my anxiety

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