so I have hypermobility syndrome (could be eds but I am undiagnosed) and asthma. it's so hard to find things to do outside of the house that don't involve a lot of physical exercise, which I can't do for very long. this would be fine if I was doing things on my own but because my roommate does all of it with me it's hard to find things that we can do together because she always wants to do more.

does anyone have any suggestions for cheap activities I can do that will get us out of the house without causing me to be in physical pain 10 minutes into it? I'm truly at a loss at this point :')

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  • AMWes


    My meds + my fibromyalgia make me super sensitive to heat, along with physical pain that comes with fm. I like sitting in the shade and reading or enjoying the sights around me. If its not too hot, I'll walk around the block with one of my dogs or into town with my mom. She also has asthma and cant go far or fast either

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