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[tldr at bottom; sorry this is so long] i didn't realize until recently that i might have dyslexia. growing up, i learned to read before the other kids, english was my favourite subject, even taught a six year old to read when i was five. while none of that sounds like anything even close to dyslexia, i also have always struggled with misreading things or i'll put a word where there wasn't even a space to put one or, when writing/typing, i'll skip over a word entirely and swear that i wrote/typed it when i look at it later or i'll write/type a word twice in a row because my brain just doesn't process it. swapping the order that words are in when writing, typing, or speaking. re-reading a sentence over and over just trying to process what the heck it meant despite every word being one i know (i pinned/blamed this on my add/adhd until i heard someone explain that it can also be dyslexia, which sparked the Urge to actually look into things) there's also the Letter Switching problem that i, again, didn't realize was abnormal until recently. k and lowercase L (specified because it looks like a uppercase "i" and i didn't want that confusion) c and s m and n u and n g and d among a few others i can't think of right now tldr; i think i could have dyslexia based off my research and experiences but i was a gifted kid who loved reading and i don't know what to do now

    • scrittle


      yeah no i have kinda the same backstory, though i had issues reading/speaking aloud and struggled learning to write in elementary i still ended up loving to read and was in gifted programs for reading and for math when i was young. now that i'm an adult, especially looking back on school life past elementary, and learning a lot more about dyslexia i think i could very well have it too but i unfortunately also don't know what to do tldr: ive had a similar background as you though now looking back and reflecting what i've learned and researched i'm in the same boat realizing i very well could have dyslexia but idk what to do either honestly

      • hearteyednerd


        @scrittle It's genuinely just frustrating because it's so out of line from the known dyslexia experience that I don't even know who to talk to about it and the people I've told have treated it like it's just a 💫✨quirky✨💫 little thing that isn't cause for concern ._.

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