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Hi. So in I was diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome back in 2014 and they were extremely manageable for about 3-4 years. After those years I developed a neck tic that, during quarantine, split into about 5 separate neck tics which have started to cause me chronic pain. I have recently started to see a physical therapist for this and the stretches they've given me are helping but the issue is that most of the common stretches for this kind of thing are my tics. Is anyone else in a similar situation and if so, what are some way (like gadgets stretches or other tips) that you deal with this?

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      hi! I also have tourettes and was diagnosed in 2011. what works best for me is distracting myself the best I can, drinking some hot tea, going in a quiet space with no people (if possible), closing my eyes, and breathing. another thing that helps, especially with my wrist twisting tic is trying to do the opposite motion to confuse my body. does that make sense? in your case, if you want to move your neck one way very violently, try to gently/slowly stretch it the other way without harming yourself. avoid caffeine if possible because it makes you jittery and makes them worse. put your favorite show on, tuck yourself into blankets so you feel more limited on movement. massage your neck, use heating pads, cuddle with an animal or stuffed toy. please let me know if any of these help you!! <3

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