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Hello there! So can anyone tell me what they have done for this awful condition??

    • KitKat1450


      I have balloon sinuplasty surgery last year. Recovery was rough and it didn’t help with my reoccurring sinus infection or being able to breathe. I still can’t breathe correctly and no benefit. I also did allergy injection when I was younger for 10 years, no benefit. And last year did immunotherapy injections straight into inguinal lymph nodes and it just exacerbated my allergies- no benefit. Since then I’ve been on hydroxyzine and it does help but I don’t want to be on a pharmaceutical allergy med long term since I have horrible brain fog and memory issues which they can make worse long term. As of now it’s pretty much needed since I tried so many things last year and my sinus issues flared. Doing food sensitivity test helped- allergic and intolerant of so many foods I was eating- most fruits and vegetable so eating better with that info has helped with post nasal drip and mucus increase after eating. What helps for me is colloidal silver nose spray with peppermint essential oil. Neti pot at night with drops of grapefruit seed extract (natural antibiotic) when it’s bad. Studies show doing the Neti pot too often can make sinus infections reoccur more often (once a day or every other day showed best results). Magnesium threonate- only form of magnesium that crosses the blood brain barrier so helps with headaches. And I take natural allergy supplements- Kick-ass allergy tincture by Wish Garden Herbs and AllerDHQ by xymogen. Trimethylglycine w/ cofactors to reduce histamine. PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic frequency) device I lay over my head and nose. They make ones that are less expensive just for the nose and it loosens up congestion and helps with the headaches. Also make tea with stinging nettle and add apple cider vinegar and helps thin the mucus. Air purifiers and Himalayan salt lamps all over my apartment. Wash bedding on hottest setting. I save Tylenol sinus, sudaphed, mucinex, and corticosteroid nasal sprays for when I’m actually coming on or have full blown sinus infection so they work more effectively. Next step is to move to a better place for allergies and sinus issues. Sucks going thru this and hope y’all find some things that help you manage.

    • RoxFox


      Boy would I love to know myself. Lol.. I have a humidifier that just goes over my nose, I've used ice packs to bring down the inflammation, I've used fluticasone nasal spray, sleepy time sinus relief, soup, sudaphed, so damn many things and I'm lucky if the relief lasts me 10 minutes.

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