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Hello! I'm 17 and have avascular necrosis of the humeral head in my left shoulder. my doctor has told me that I should wait as long as possible to get a shoulder replacement because the sooner I do, the sooner I will loose function of my shoulder. But now I'm having pain in my right arm and it actually hurts worse. some think that it's compensation pain but it's been hurting for about 2 months now and x-rays have shown nothing. I was wonder if anyone had any advice or opinions on either of these things. should I be worried about my right arm now too and get an mri or just leave it alone? and should I get a shoulder replacement surgery for my left shoulder even tho I'm only 17???

    • SickleMonroe


      I have the same thing on my left shoulder. It hurt so much, the second time it was my right shoulder. Happened about 3-6 months after. My doctor said to wait as long as possible. I think he's right because at some point it can slow it's progression. You wouldn't want the replacement until your 30s.

    • Eneri


      I've had AVN in both shoulders both hips and now have ot in my tibial. But I was in my late 30s when I got the replacements in my shoulders and hips. This is a tough one. I waited bc my ortho told me to wait and I was on no pain meds just ice packs and ibuprofen. Keep in mind you'll have to replace the replacement about every 20 years. Listen to your doctor is my advice.

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