What's your guy's tricks and tips for remembering medication with complex schedules? How do you form a habit?

i.e. I have Levothyroxine which I need to take no less than 30 minutes before eating, no more than 45 minutes before eating, and at least 2 hours after eating, drinking, or taking vitamins, and Metformin, with meals, both once a day. I like to take Levothyroxine half an hour before breakfast and Metformin with breakfast, but can never seem to remember them.


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  • Trizz


    I have to set alarms for everything or time just gets away from me

  • ajar


    The easiest thing for you will probably be to make it set schedule of when you eat and when you take meds, it'll take some getting used to but once you are eating regularly itll be easier to remember to take meds

  • loulou03


    I had an app called my pills it helped me alot

  • beingnotseeming


    I have an app called round it’s my favorite of all the med apps I’ve tried. In addition to it I set multiple alarms to remind me to eat when I need to to properly take my meds.

  • Hiraeth


    Thank you so much, guys! 🤗

  • Cece7


    I use the Round Health app which is super good for reminders. It does a notification in different forms and multiple if you don’t mark that you took your pills to make sure you don’t forget. Plus I use a pill organizer on top of that so I’m not having to remember which ones I already took during the day or open a bunch of bottles all the time.

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