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I find it really really hard falling asleep. no matter how tierd I am or how much I try. I just can't fall asleep.

    • DariaFae


      My favorite tea is a "celestial seasonings" brand tea the extra sleepy time. They have several versions too even detox. It always helps my sleep better. I allow my daughter to drink the normal sleep time ones. They are all natural of course but I don't think a child needs that much sleepytime lol. The tension tamer is truly amazing though. Meditation Not going to bed until your ready Turning down lights 1-2 hrs is so before bed too let your brain know. Making sure your devices are set with blue light off or low at least. Stay off electronics within those last couple hours too as much as possible. The list goes on and on. Even if you wake and can't sleep again. Get up and bore yourself. Read a book, wash dishes anything daily quite and boring to tire you... so laundry I'm just soo depressed I just in bed and worry about everything. My anxiety is what keeps me up massively. I've even heard writing down your troubles at night and maybe even a journal. Clear your thoughts on paper so you know it won't go anywhere and then you can focused on sleep. Guess that's kinda what I'm doing here... A bit past my bedtime and my ... I'm about ready myself off to the clouds. Also most importantly there's always your pcp. Or medical express type place. There's always help. And maybe certain supplements.

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