Does anyone *Girls* with TMJ have a hard time giving your partner or spouse oral ? My jaw muscles get tired and can’t open my mouth all the way 😣

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  • nsiberian


    I have a hard time chewing food.. its been s very long time since I've given a man oral.. but I bet it could get super painful.. I'm anxious for the day I get to try this out again lol

  • dollipop


    Yep. I've had mine lock up and cause excruciating pain in the middle of giving oral before. I find it helps to try to break up the "activities" so your jaw has time to rest. Take some pain medication before you know you are going to be partaking in "activities".

  • Cece7


    Yes! I have the hardest time explaining this to people I feel like guys in the past thought I made it up as a way to get out of doing things. I just had this happen the other day after doing those activities. It was so bad I couldn’t even open my jaw all the way afterwards and it kept getting stuck. Honestly it was so uncomfortable I almost went to the emergency room to have someone fix me haha. What I did to get it to finally fix itself is put heating pads on my jaw for like an hour and then it finally loosened up enough to start doing jaw exercises. I finally was able to put it to the sides and hear it clicking more in place. I took some Tylenol and put heating pack back on and continued to do stretches. Took a while but it was back to “normal” the next day just a little sore and popping a lot. My jaw tends to pop every time I open it right now on the right side so I never truly get relief there. I don’t really know how to prevent that issue from happening when doing those activities.

  • Sleak67


    Yes but I also have oramdibular dystonia which makes it so I can't even open jaw to chew food. Plus intractable pain. I take dose Rick Simpson oil and relaxes everything I'm shocked at how wide I can open. The huge plus I can chew anything without pain. Rso helps so much

  • a3k


    Yes with my husband I switch between oral and giving my jaw a break. It helps

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