Hi! I'm new here, and just thinking about how better to deal with things. Sometimes it can be really hard to tell if something is an anxiety symptom or chronic pain symptom. Especially since they tend to trigger each other, in my experience. Any advice for rationalizing which is the cause and how to remain calm about it?

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  • nsiberian


    I agree I have had so many physical pain symptoms since my brain injury, which happened 11 years before diagnoses. I try to go to physical therapy for what they can help with, even though I've been told my brain is triggering pain response and there may be no pain.. but there is dude.. i feel it.. not only is it hard to decipher what is what, it's hard to get some drs to take you seriously. So I let p.t. do what they can and try to work with the remaining with my counselor. And hope the seroquil helps me sleep at night ....funny not funny

  • Nimloth


    Wow I really get that one is triggered by the other. My muscles seize up whenever I'm anxious and then it makes me feel like I'm dying...which makes me anxious. Tell me if you find the secret to stopping that merry-go-round. The mantra I try my best to live by is "If you worry about something, and then it happens, you've lived through it twice." - Michael J Fox. And for us chronic pain suffers we end up living through it a dozen times before it leaves our body.

    • nsiberian


      so damn true😥

  • Harvey78


    I got beta-blockers from my psych dr. Cuz my anxiety is acute from the past 2 years of constant crisis. But i have to overlap the 10 mg pill or the panic /pain comes through and i freak out curled up terrified of the future.

  • JosephOpalLover


    Anxiety will overall make the pain a lot worse than if you didn't them in the first place both together is pure hell deep breathing is good for both to regain mental stability as well as relaxing your muscles and when you feel a anxiety episode or panic attack coming on try to go to a very comfortable place for yourself if not able to do that then think of something that makes you very happy or makes you laugh try to redirect your energy and attention to that personally what helps me with anxiety is talking whatever my fears are with someone or possibly venting any problems you're facing I wish you all the best

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