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Through the past 13 years of my life I've had multiple different kinds of seizures which my household has come up with nicknames for. However there are a few which I'm slightly confused as to what they are, if they're similar please feel free to let me know. One of them started at about 16 or 17 is where I will stay conscious, however I can't speak or feel my right arm. I am able to remember the seizure in some detail when I usually don't with my other seizures. The other one started when I was about 15 or 16 and my eyes will start looking to the right to which for a moment I can snap them back forward only to end up looking right again. Eventually my eyes start to hurt from how far I'm looking and my head starts to tic to the right. If anyone can tell me if they've had similar experiences and how you may deal with it please let me know!

    • Jasper.Noel


      It's unfortunate some people have to deal with things like this. At the very least I'm glad we have a way to stick together.

    • chrissy44


      Yes. My head sometimes turns to the left and gets stuck there. It feels as though someone is pushing my head and I take my hand and push it back to the right but it will go back to the left. I've been diagnosed with focal seizures and also have the partial seizures where I'm aware of what's happening and also generalized seizures where it effects the whole brain and I go out and don't remember

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