My seizures have been getting worse my mother says i am having more "fall out" seizure as time has went on they used to be me just zoning out intensely i guess and now she says that I'm jerking my head hen it happens and i just slump over if I'm sitting and thankfully i have yet to have had one happen while standing. Does anyone know if they will continue to get worse i know things like this are different for everyone, but I'm really concerned for my mom and i wanna know what to expect because it stressing her out.


    • dooby


      Sim have you seen a doctor yet? One day i was fine and i just blacked out. Also have you ever hit you head? Head injuries play a big part in obtaining eplisey. I also got dizzy. I really don't rember the rest because its been a long time since then.

    • Simb


      I have seen my doctor and she said she thinks it could be epilepsy sence it's not rare for young adults with autism to develop it but she said she can't diagnose anything without a neurologist checking it out any my appt doubt count as important i guess because we have been waiting two months so far and it has now been pushed to september to see a neurologist. I know people on here arnt doctors i was just hoping someone has relative experience overlapping my experience and would be able to give some advise all I've learned so far is when a seizure is going to happen because my head feels cold and my ears burn and it feels like there is ants on my skin but when it dous i don't know how long it has lasted and i am so disoriented after

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