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So I got diagnosed with CHS a few years ago and struggled to stop smoking for YEARS. In the past month I finally stopped and I feel a lot better. It got to the point where I couldn’t eat anything or leave my house without feeling super nauseated and afraid of going into an episode. What got me to stop is I ended up having a vomiting fit on the highway 40 mins away from home and had to call my parents to come pick me up on the side of the highway and take me to the ER where I stayed for 3 days. I had been in the hospital and had fits before but having a fit on the road was one of my worst fears. Does anyone else with this condition experience a phobia of going into a fit? Like I mean scared asf almost paranoid

    • Bugs22


      I was diagnosed with it a couple days ago, I thought it was a really bad hangover from the party the night before, where I drank and smoked a lot, but halfway through the next day I was still vomiting anywhere from 1-4 times and hour. The worst part is I was on the road in the passenger seat with my family as we were making the 4.5h drive back home. The whole day I was wretching into a garbage bag, and at one point even out the window of the moving truck. Car sickness mixed with zero food and water (cause I couldn’t keep it down) on top of nonstop vomiting, though I was hardly getting anything out cause my stomach was empty (dry heaving mostly) had me feeling like I was going to f*cking die. I almost passed out a few times. Finally convinced the driver to take me to urgent care and was given the diagnosis and some ondansetron to take home. Yesterday was my first day in months without smoking cannabis, it was extremely difficult and today is not going to be any better for me I think. Anyway yea, since then I’ve been scared to eat anything and even scared to drink water, the ondansetron helps, but I don’t trust it fully to be able to eat and drink normally again, which of course a hungry stomach causes nausea too, so that sucks. I haven’t been able to go back to work these past couple days cause I’m terrified I’m going to have an episode in public.

    • coriander


      I got diagnosed after having my first episode while on vacation in Las Vegas. Now I get anxiety attacks whenever the weather gets to warm. It takes me right back to that first episode.

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