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hey! i have yet to be diagnosed (working on it) but i suspect i may be suffering from narcolepsy. i have had multiple instances of my legs just spontaneously collapsing or dropping things for no reason, as well as having a slack jaw and drooling randomly. it doesnt seem to happen exclusively when im experiencing strong emotions so im not sure its cataplexy? it also doesnt usually happen on both sides at once. i also am constantly tired, takes hour(s) to fall asleep and i wake up every few mins during the night. during the day i can fall asleep like its no ones business, and have been known to nap at work and have had to supress being so exhausted in the car that i physically couldnt keep my eyes open is this narcolepsy? or am i dealing with something else entirely?

    • Jackie_Daytona


      Could be cataplexy, could be something else neurological! Sleep study isn’t a bad place to start, I’m sure your GP will walk through first steps with you. I will say I have diagnosed narcolepsy and I get insomnia pretty bad some nights! However, most narcoleptics have little trouble falling asleep for naps during the day even if they suffer from insomnia (according to my sleep specialist, anyway).

    • Ella2601


      definitely worth getting a sleep study done if possible; sounds like it could be narcolepsy, or some other sleep disorder. Narcolepsy is not known to cause such severe insomnia, instead it's usually constant exhaustion, despite sleeping plenty during the night. But definitely worth exploration, this sounds very frustrating!

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