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what's the biggest struggle with pcos?

Top reply
    • KimberyK


      Managing Weight and facial hair. I started to weight lift it’s helping with weight loss.

    • KimberyK


      Managing Weight and facial hair. I started to weight lift it’s helping with weight loss.

    • GooseMcDweeb


      Societies reactions to a women with facial hair, chest hair and thinning head hair, as well as the excess weight and weight distribution. They're logically the least offending issues but they're the ones on show to the world and people are just really awful sometimes, I waste too many spoons dealing with managing other people's expectations of me so my mental health doesn't take knocks. It's ridiculous really.

    • GoddessWinter


      For me the long periods when I finally do bleed, I bleed anywhere from 1 to 12 months at a time now. The cramps are a close second.

    • Stargazer84


      Yes the hair loss is the worst, but facial hair comes a close second, someone who I used to work with had pcos the same as me and they got free laser hair removal on the NHS and I'm just like, why did they get that and not me? It's a little bit unfair when I have begged the doctors for help and they just say lose weight, I went to bupa and was told I would receive help if I could get a referral letter from my gp but he refused to give one, then told me that it's just cosmetic, not life threatening and to just live with it.

    • ArdenIris


      Medical OCD giving me extreme anxiety about my period and the weight gain. I've been body shamed by my own friends and family all of my life, even after I was diagnosed.

    • kikihpfan


      Weight gain! It is rapid

    • Agradine


      Weight lose, the not knowing when my period will come and how long it will be or if the bleeding will be heavy. Just all stuff like that.

    • FlutterCry


      Hair growth. Maintence on it is so painful and expensive. The hair alone flairs up my depression.

    • SharkMom1215


      I been having problems losing weight I weighed the heaviest I ever been and I hate it

    • mesay


      Trying to lose weight and change my diet

    • lostgirl98


      My biggest issues is fertility. I have gotten pregnant 3 times but all 3 times I miscarried by the end of the first trimester.

    • 100Percent_K


      For me it’s the cysts- I have endometriosis on top of PCOS and whenever I create cysts it presses on scar tissue and lesions in my pelvis. So it just doubles my pain and throws off the balance I finally had 🥲

    • Mad.Hatter


      Mine is losing weight, my extra weight is exasperating other health issues, and infertility. I get so sad that I can't have another kiddo.

    • SharkMom1215


      I ended up getting pcos after having 2 kids n they are both boys but I want a daughter really bad but struggling like I am I don't see it happening 🥺

    • B_renee


      Trying to transform my whole lifestyle (diet and exercise) :/ I want to try to heal my PCOS as naturally as possible. Also the mood swings have been terrible.

      • swtrwthr


        @B_renee i’m struggling with the same exact thing!! i’m trying to heal it naturally too so i’ve been eating low-glycemic (so avoiding sugar, processed foods, potatoes, etc etc etc) and it really helped with the pain but i miss not having to worry about what i’m eating all the time :(

    • Charlie1901


      For me it changes, I’ve had it for so long that I’ve kind of grown use to all of the symptoms. Doesn’t make them any easier… But right now the one that is bothering me the most is the thinning hair. Its been getting worse lately and it’s really hurting my mental health at the moment. And the infertility is another big one for me.

      • jacquep


        @Charlie1901 I agree on the thinning hair. I find it funny I can grow a thin mustache but I'm losing the hair on my head.

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