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So… Any suggestions on how to overcome the fear of being around people. I legitimately dream about how I used to be able to function as a business manager customer facing in retail environment and now struggle with even doing my own shopping. I miss being super social at least from a work perspective but now struggle to even spend much time outside my house. Looking for better medications, therapy, techniques to try and better resolve and function again. I honestly think a lot of my mental health has to do with my thyroid condition that started around the same time… any thoughts?

    • Kimmiepooh


      I'm still wondering where the old me went to. I was a bubbly outgoing girl who always went out, socialized, and enjoyed life. Now when I open my eyes every day I think to myself "if it wasn't for my loving husband I would kill myself". And I mean that. If I didn't have him I would not ever want to be alive anymore. We have been married for 26 years so far and he is the best! He's always being sweet and helpful to me. And I try to be the same the best I can.

    • Hazel_Eyes


      I don’t think I have any advice, trying to figure it out myself too. I just want to say you’re not alone. I always think about how easy it used to be for me. I feel like COVID and isolation messed me up even more. I’m trying to take it day by day, setting small goals for myself, and trying to be kind to myself. It’s not easy. So yeah, I feel for you and am sending love.

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