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I’m really insecure about this and I need to know some ways to get rid of this I also want to know how did I get this a such a young age

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    • Jasmen


      @msmimi Do you use the CeraVe on your underarms or groin area?

    • msmimi


      It does help to keep the area clean to reduce the possibility of infection especially when you have open wounds. My dermatologist recommended CeraVe Acne Foaming Cream Cleanser with Benzoyl Peroxide. You can get it at the store with no prescription. Of course every body is different but I have noticed that it helps me clean up the area well and it hasn't seemed to worsen my symptoms

      • Jasmen


        @msmimi Do you use the CeraVe on your underarms or groin area?

    • Belovedsolo


      It doesn't just go may go into remission at some point but...

    • GoldTransMan


      More than 80% of patients diagnosed with HS saw an onset of symptoms between ages 18 and 20. Unfortunately, there is no cure, and treatments are, oftentimes, hit or miss. Also, there is virtually nothing known about the etiology of HS, other than that there is an element of genetics involved (is usually hereditary). They do know that it is related to the body secreting excess sebum, which is one part of your body's skin lubrication system. When a cyst drains, what comes out is actually sebum, not infection, yeast, or dirt. There is no connection between HS and cleanliness (over 80% of patients report showering g multiple times, daily). Finding out what causes flares will be the primary goal for the first 3-5 years of affliction. Most people find that tight clothing, cosmetics such as deodorant and scented lotions, and menstruation are all causes of HS flares. I recommend researching HS, online. Use reputable sources like mayo clinic, Cleveland clinic, and pubmed. WebMD is NOT a reputable source of information, and more often than not, they tend to spread a lot of misinformation and false narratives. Good luck!

    • E_belli


      With some people it can start when puberty hits, it's not unusual. And it to be a Debbie downer but HS will probably never go away unless you're a lucky one, its all about living with it which can get easier with time. Meds help with flares (topical [for mild] and oral antibiotics). If the flares are bad, sometimes dermatologists can give you a cortisone injection into the lump which helps the pain A LOT and they can also drain them. Also practicing good hygiene helps too. It gets better.

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