I have a hard time falling asleep. Like my mind doesn't want to shut off but my body is exhausted. I've tried making my room as comfortable and most adequate for sleeping. I covered my window to where it's as black as it can be. I have lots of pillows and blankets. I've tried listening to rain sounds, ASMR, playthroughs, essential oils and lotions, yet I still can't fall asleep. Is there anything you would know that could help, I'm open to all suggestions.


acute lethargy

Transient Insomnia.

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  • DariaFae


    I'm obviously in the same boat. Just can't sleep or get tired. But a couple things I have heard that might help. Don't get into bed until your tired. 1-2 hrs before bed make sure you lower lights and tune everything down. Of course no caffeine 4hrs before bed Limit liquids in the evening too And do something boring like reading an actual book not electronic device. There's soo mash things one can look up online for sleeping advice and depending on exactly how bad of course like anything on here Consider taking to a doctor. They have heard it all. Think about yawning 🥱 sweet dreams Meditation can always help everything

  • Greenbird


    Visualizations really help me fall asleep! I usually imagine a waterfall or a calm river and I fixate on the imagery & try to describe all of the elements (trees, sky, color, trees etc.) That really helps me to forget the anxiety that prevents me from falling asleep. I hope that helps 🌲🌄

  • ollywolf


    Melatonin and white noise helps me, plus I also use gabapentin and they all work

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