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A little backstory here for context- As far as ADHD goes, I was diagnosed at the age of 7. I was never really told what the diagnosis meant and being a kid that kind of made sense. However, I was put on meds until the age of 17 because I decided that I did not want them anymore. Over the years I realized that the treatment I was receiving wasn't helping, in fact my Depression and Anxiety became exponentially worse over time on medication. The only thing it had helped me with was concentration but I received a negative experience across the board otherwise. Fast forward to this year and it's been 8 years since I've seen a doctor. I've done extensive research on ADHD, Anxiety and Chronic Depression in which j was all diagnosed with earlier in life. It's given me the motivation to get a doctor and seek a psychiatrist because I'd like to try again with help. My conditions have only gotten marginally better in some ways but for the most part I definitely still have issues. More recently I have been looking into research on Atypical Autism. I noticed that ADHD has comorbid symptoms for most people, autism being one. I am not diagnosed with any form of autism, however I do plan on getting screened when the time arises. I show some symptoms (although it's purely self-diagnosed) but I don't know if this is from a combination of symptoms I experience with my actual diagnoses combined with the lack of proper treatment over the years or of it's actually just Atypical Autism. Any insight on this by chance to help boil it down until I get a screening?

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      I personally have been diagnosed at age three and a half I was diagnosed with both complex ADHD and PDD -NOS it can be very challenging at times I don't really let it bother me too much and I don't really tell people I have that because the stigma of autism from an ill informed people is that you're not intelligent or you are at level 3 and they don't even know what the three levels are I'm level one I am very high functioning but I also suffer from a degenerative spine and a paralyzed hip so I have very complex issues and every time I try to communicate the doctors it's pretty difficult but for you I would suggest getting screening if you feel like you are falling under the ASD category and know that there's other people out there that will always support you and it doesn't make you any more different than anybody else we all have problems it's actually fairly common to have both ADHD with autism and still be very high functioning and you will probably need somebody that can distinguish both conditions and diagnose both together I had to go to Ronald Reagan Center at UCLA to get a diagnosed and when doctors decided to become crappy upon the years so sometimes it be hard to even get help for a basic issues but I wish you the best of luck and know if you ever want to chat I'm more than available 🙂

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