what are your resting heart rates with over active thyroids? is anyone else nervous about heart failure?




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  • carter._.16


    Mine is usually like 96 bpm. And yeah, I have bad health anxiety, so I'm always worried something is wrong with my heart. But going to the doctors and having them tell you that you're ok is the best thing that I can do

    • BT4


      did they just tell you your heart is okay? I know the over active thyroid raises heart rate. My hangs around that 95 too. Unless i do any activity then it spikes

      • carter._.16


        they told me it was perfectly fine. I've had ekgs done and everything is always normal!

  • rach59



  • lisab


    101, had studies done and everything is Fine according to Doc. Lol

  • Chickpea75


    My resting heart rate was around 110 for a little while and knowing it was hyperthyroidism my doc did not seem concerned. A couple weeks ago, my resting heart rate raised to 130 everyday and that got their attention lol

    • Chickpea75


      They put me in propranolol though and today is my first day on it. I’m trying to have faith that it will keep me from heart failure/attack lol But I wouldn’t worry about 95 resting unless you’re SUPER athletic. 100 is still a normal resting heart rate for a lot of people with no risk of heart issues. Range is 60-100

      • Honeyluv1


        hello new to all this I also got put on propranolol 20 mil but I just took half of one because I don’t know if I’ll get to drowsy… did it help you with tremors and anxiety? Did it make you drowsy? Ty

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